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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Korjin
Owner: livamarie
Pet Name: Jorkin
Breed: Gruslen

About Korjin:
The dark does not scare me. I fear the light. In the dark I can be wherever I want to be. My imagination takes control and I see green swaying jungle; I hear the chirps of bugs and the twitter of bird song. I smell damp soil and pungent flowers.

Yes, I like the dark. It is here that I am left to sit. Just me with my memories. A little cold, ferociously hungry, but alone. That’s the way it is nowadays.

I used to have a mother... and a brother. We would spend our days basking in sunshine atop warm jungle rocks and wrestling among the dense underbrush. Our mock battles were my favorite. My brother was larger and stronger than I, but slower, too. I learned how to be quick on my feet and, using his size against him, I would win... sometimes. No matter the outcome, I remember the laughter in his eyes as we broke apart, panting from the effort. He would smile and bat at me with his large paws, growling, a promise of the next tussle to come. However, one day came when I knew there would be no next time, only darkness.

My family was sleeping beneath a moonless night sky. A chilly fog clung to the low hanging branches of the trees. Then came the flicker of a torch in the shadows.

Yes, the light is much worse.

We ran from the snatchers, from the light wielders. This was not the game of tag I was used to. My little frame darted quickly between forest obstacles. Soon, I was all alone. I stopped to catch my breath and heard nothing but the sound of my own heartbeat.

One step forward and I was falling into some hidden hole covered in leaves. Then, darkness.

I remember waking up in a small cage. There was water but no food. I sat there in the dark, lonely and afraid, for some time. If only I knew light was coming.

My mind jerks to the present with the sound of chains dropping to the floor. My cage door opens and I am free. Or, at least it would seem. I know better, though. A threatening growl escapes my throat as I back up farther into the cage. A loud bang behind me gets me moving and I'm out, though still cloaked in darkness. I stare straight ahead, for I know what comes next. I am no longer the naive cub they had captured.

The trap door above my head throws open and light pours in -- blinding daylight, into which I pounce. The crowd goes wild. I am the center of attention in a stadium filled with hundreds of spectators, maybe thousands. All here to watch a battle they expect me to lose.

I refuse.

My opponent is clad in bronze armor and holds a shield and a weapon. I have nothing except my starving belly, which I was given to keep me weak. This is not a fair fight. I remember my brother, though, and my resolve hardens. I must not lose. These spectators want to see me fail, want to laugh at my embarrassment. I will not let them.

The dark does not scare me.

I do not wait for his first move. I fling myself toward him with a roar, claws outstretched and tusks bared. With some difficulty, this bronze-coated monster evades my attack. He does not even attempt to strike back. Confused, I try again, and again. He does not raise the weapon in his hand. He blocks my blows with his shield. The crowd is screaming. The sun is blaring. Ugh, the light.

In my distraction, my opponent bats at me with his weapon. Not as an attack, more in a playful manner. Emotions come rushing forth and I see my brother smiling at me. My opponent smiles as well, and nods as if to urge me on. I look into his eyes and see light; not the harsh light of injustice that stripped me from my family and oversees my torment, but a light of kindness. A light I can trust.

I inhale, and I pounce. With a thud I land atop my opponent, pinning him to the ground and ending the fight. I have won! The crowd goes wild. The Neopet I have bested hops upright and removes his helmet. Smiling, he says, "Way to give them a good show, whiskers. How about you go a little easier on me next time?" He then bats at me with a laughter in his eyes that looks so familiar.

A promise of the next tussle to come.

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