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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Ronald
Owner: keller_bloom
Pet Name: Shabu_Bloom
Breed: Brown Kimbi

About Ronald:
"Where could they have gotten off to?" I pondered as I walked through the bustling streets of Faerie City.

The plan to take a day out with Shabu and Ronald had been made so we could all spend some good quality time together, and instead I am left wandering the highways and byways of Faerieland by myself, searching for the two of them as they had scampered off by themselves.

I wasn't worried about them; I knew they would keep each other safe. Ever since Ronald had been introduced to Shabu as his Petpet they had been best of friends.

At first I had thought Ronald to be a little nervous of Shabu -- he was a biscuit Chomby at the time and rather large, so he had towered over the little brown Kimbi. Ronald had stared up at Shabu in awe as one might stare in awe at Techo Mountain, but he soon forgot his nerves and was bouncing happily around his feet, yelping that little odd noise he makes when he is excited. My only concern was that Shabu might accidentally squish him with those big clumsy feet of his!

Still, it was not too long after this that Shabu was painted baby and the friends became slightly more compatible in size. Unfortunately for me, this is when they discovered Ronald's great talent for tracking down discarded food.

I would often have them walking beside me, only to turn my head for a brief second and find them gone. I would locate them soon enough -- tucking into some half-eaten Sausage Omelette or Lime Jelly.

Ronald has the most extraordinary sense of smell, and can be led by the nose into finding all sorts of culinary treats and leftovers thrown away by previous owners.

I suspected that this is what had happened again today.

I called for both of them with no luck. Sighing, I left the busy shopping area and strolled into one of the greener areas of the city. Sure enough, there they were. I could only see their backs, but they seemed to be standing very close to each other. Their heads were stooped, and both appeared to be staring at the same spot. I came closer to them and saw that they were gathered around what appeared to be a half buried Raspberry Faerie Bubble. The two of them stood, heads lowered and open-mouthed, about to chomp into their second-hand prize.

"Shabu! Ronald!" I called sharply. Their heads snapped up in perfect unison and they both looked up at me guiltily.

"Boys, you know it's only twenty minutes until we have our lunch."

They exchanged glances with each other and nodded their heads sadly.

I sighed and suppressed a smile. "What a pair!" I thought.

I leaned into them and said softly, "If you're good, then perhaps I will buy you both a fresh faerie bubble as a treat."

The boys looked back at me with joy in their eyes. Shabu nudged Ronald gently and the two scampered back to the main shopping street. I smiled and watched after them... this Neopian family definitely marches on their stomachs.

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