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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Polly
Owner: neo_kid_851
Pet Name: boggly_eyes
Breed: Mutant Gangee

About Polly:
Uh, hello, everyone. I'm a little bit nervous here, I'm not really used to talking to large crowds, but here goes. I'm here to tell you why my little Gangee, Polly, is really special.

My name is Boggle, and as you can all probably tell, I'm a... a mutant. It's not an easy thing to say, you know. I mean, you all can see that I'm a mutant; it's obvious I'm a mutant. I've got three eyes! However, I used to despise being a mutant, and others would despise me. I mean, Usuls are meant to be pretty. All those stupid pink and faerie and sickeningly-sweet chocolate Usuls knew very well that they were pretty, and that I was not. They'd snicker when they walked past me. They'd do their best not to get too close. They would act overly disgusted when I talked to them, their eyes pinned to my three. I mean, hadn't they ever seen a three-eyed Usul before?

I guess not, because I hadn't, either, outside of a mirror.

All I wanted was a friend, but who would want to be friends with a three-eyed Usul?

One afternoon, we went on a class trip to a shop that sold all sorts of Petpets. The others were so excited. The whole way there I listened to their conversations and heard how excited they were to find that perfect plushie pal, that cute-as-cloud companion, or that scrumptious strawberry sweetie. I, personally, was hoping to find a Faerie Petpet. I'd always found faeries so beautiful and elegant. I thought that, if I had my very own Faerie Petpet, the other Usuls might be jealous of me for a change.

When we arrived at the shop, it was... quite frankly, it was madness. Usuls were running everywhere, yelling to their friends on the other side of the room.

"Come and look at this one!"

"Oooh, and at this one!"

"These ones over here are the cutest!"

"Ugh, Boggle, get out of the way!"

I approached the cages of a few Faerie Petpets, only to get shoved out of the way by other Usuls who thought they were more deserving of a cute Petpet than me. None of the Petpets I saw really stood out to me, anyway. I mean, they were all... nice. They were all cute, but there were none that were really special, none that would make the others really jealous.

"Ooh, look at this one! Purple's my favourite colour. Hey, wake up!"

I turned to look. Purple is my favourite colour, too. A crowd of Usuls stood around a cage toward the back corner of the shop. I craned my neck to see over them, but all I could see was a curled up ball of purple fur. The Petpet was sleeping.

"Do you think it's a faerie?"

"Probably. I mean, it's got beautiful soft fur. What else could be that pretty?"

"It must tuck its wings up while it sleeps!"

I started to get annoyed that I hadn't seen it first. Here was a beautiful Petpet that the others adored, but they'd gone and found it first.

"Hey guys, come and check it out! Royal Petpets!"

The others in front of me gasped and scuttled off, like the fickle Usuls they were, leaving me alone with the sleeping purple ball of fluff. I approached the cage slowly, unsure if I should try to wake it.

"Uh... hi there. Hi, little Petpet." I gently tapped the side of its cage.

The Petpet began to stir. Slowly, it uncurled its little body and turned to face the front of its cage.

It opened one big, round eye to look at me, and then another... and another.

That's when I knew that Polly was the perfect friend for me. I didn't need some cutesy Faerie Petpet to make the other Usuls like me. I didn't need the other Usuls to like me at all. I had Polly now, and Polly had me.

I was so proud walking out of the shop with her perched on my shoulder. Polly sat there like she didn't have a care in the world. Was she worried that she didn't look like the other Petpets? No, she most certainly was not. The other Usuls stared, but for once they made no smart remarks. There weren't even smirks on their lips. Polly was adorable, they could all see it. She was special. Also, she just so happened to have three eyes.

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