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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Duncan
Owner: reissue
Pet Name: Leto
Breed: Orbulon

About Duncan:
My name is Duncan and I am an Orbulon. Quite an interesting creature, aren't I? Orbulons are incredibly rare, so rare in fact that we cannot be found in any Neopian shops.

I was born on a small sattellite of the Space Station where I was cared for by Space Faeries and fed cosmic cheese stars and nova fruit. It was a wonderful life and often we would travel to Kreludar where the Space Faeries would buy us orange moon rock pie, which was much better than the purple moon rock pie that we had at the Space Station.

Life was going wonderfully until one of the Space Faeries decided that she had found a Neopet worthy of one of their treasured Orbulons. I was chosen to journey to the Lost Desert to become the companion of a royal draik. I'll admit, I was very excited to become the petpet of royalty and invisioned a pampered lifestyle and petpetpet servants. Boy, was I wrong!

First of all, Leto was hardly royalty in any sense of the word. While he maintained a position in Sakhmet Palace, he was rarely in attendance and spent most of his time wandering about the open desert. Due to his odd behavior, it took the Space Faerie and I a long while to find him. While searching the desert I noticed very quickly that the increased gravity made it very hard to hop along the ground and the very ground itself was not solid but made up of tiny particles which moved in the wind and sank beneath my feet! This was certainly not the lifestyle I had hoped for!

When we finally found my new owner, he was very pleased to see the Space Faerie and they conversed for quite a while before he noticed me. I smiled up at him with big, maroon eyes and, in return, there was not a single welcoming line on his face.

Soon after the Space Faerie left, Leto began trapsing off towards the city, leaving me stumbling and sputtering in the sand after him. As it so happened I arrived hours behind him to find him arguing with a Palace Ambassador about some sort of proposal which he had ignored for months. Despite his protests, the Ambassador left Leto with a mountain of official scrolls and parchments for him to review and my draik sat there amongst the workload looking quite overwhelmed.

It was then that I stepped up, despite his indifferent treatment of me thus far, and began to work. The work itself was actually very simple, simply requiring seals of approval and dates to be written. Although the work was easy, it had piled up for such a long period of time that it took hours for both Leto and myself, working through the night, to complete them all.

Since that time, Leto does not take me with him into the dunes, and lets me stay in his chambers which he had designed with transparasheild to view the open desert just outside. It worked out very nicely, in fact, as I could view the beauty of the desert from a climate controled home with solid floors and no sand storms while I kept organized the mindless paper pushing that the palace would occasionally send our way so that Leto would never again fall so behind.

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