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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Jade
Owner: the_shii
Pet Name: Juez
Breed: Brown Faellie

About Jade:
Juez fumbled for his paint brush without peeling his eyes from his latest work of art. His hand patted around blindly in the brush's familiar resting place. Tap, tap, tap, tap. Nope. As he impatiently increased his patting speed, his vision became focused on his peripherals until, finally, he removed his focus and gave the area a glance.


"Where could my paint brush be?" he muttered to himself. This was inconvenient. He'd had it only a moment ago. Double checking his painting, which was still wet, he knew it couldn't have gotten far. In a brisk attempt at instantaneous salvation, he glanced around the area once more.

"Auuughh," he sighed. His hand ruffled into the tuft of fur on his head and he felt the blue paint that was hiding on his wrist trailing along with it. He'd have to clean that later. For now, he had to stay focused. With a hint of blue just outside his vision, he began the search for his migrating paint brush. Upturned cushions and kicked up rugs staggered behind his efforts.

His movements seemed to have intrigued Jade, and she was flutter-hopping behind him happily. Every so often she'd dodge a flying pillow. She purred a sweet "Mrrrrhhh" around Juez, who appreciated her in a way one might appreciate the finely combed hairs on the back of one's head. Jade didn't mind. She flittered here and there, swishing her tail and giving her ears a twitch whenever Juez would mumble curses on his memory.

As he took brisk steps to the kitchen where he'd taken a break for some tea and a sandwich, her little plip, plip, fwoomp followed merrily behind. The counter was plastered with a deep purple. He'd clean that later, too. He opened the fridge just to double check his sanity. The paint brush wasn't there, but there WAS some old milk with red fingerprints matching his own. He closed the fridge. He'd need to throw that out soon, but that could also be addressed later. He was growing impatient and anxious to complete his newest masterpiece.

Juez hurried to his bedroom. He'd slept poorly the night before and took a nap to refresh his artistic inspiration. The sheets were stained with oranges, greens, and a small bit of pink. Those were stains, though. He'd tried, but there was no amount of time in the future that could help him with those. He'd conceded to the idea, and he had even thought of completely tie-dying the whole thing. This, of course, was a project to be done in the future.

Jade was scurrying at his feet, and he took great care to step around and over her.

After a moment of searching in pink-splattered drawers and green-splotched curtains, he retreated to his easel and Jade, again, plodded after him. With a sigh, he stared at the canvas as if it could reveal the location of his favorite paint brush. The frustrated Faellie gave recognition one last shot. Jade leaped and then fluttered between Juez's face and the canvas. In her mouth, she tightly gripped the paint brush her friend had been overlooking.

"MY PAINT BRUSH!" Juez exclaimed.

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