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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Soaring & Shriek
Owner: silvergullmon77
Pet Name: Xysan
Breed: Black Gallion

About Soaring & Shriek:
Most Neopets get their Petpets from the store, or as a gift from their owners, but Soaring came to me in a different fashion. It was a starless night, when –

Oh, wait, I'm sorry. I should introduce myself, before I go on. My name is Xysan, heh. This story isn't about me, though. It's about my Petpet Soaring, the fiercest, most loyal Gallion you'll ever have the fortune (or misfortune) of meeting. He's been my constant companion ever since we met. Together, we've scaled the forboding peaks of Terror Mountain, drank grog with pirates off the coast of Krawk Island, and we've even conquered the depths of Maraqua to dine with King Kelpbeard himself.

And so, this is the story of how we first met. Now, where did I leave off... ah, yes. It was a starless night when I was taking this particular stroll in Sakhmet. I remember it was a hot summer day (it hadn't rained in weeks!), but the sand felt cool beneath my toes as I went stall to stall, admiring the exotic goods and sounds Sakhmet had to offer.

As I approached Osiri's pottery stall, I felt the oddest presence behind – no, above me. When I turned around, something hit me with such ferocious force that I didn't even have time to scream. A small crowd of curious stall vendors, tourists, and locals swarmed to see what had struck me down. As I regained my composure, I realized it was a Gallion. Not just any Gallion, though – he was as black as night, with eyes of the most vivid red I've ever seen. As I gingerly held him up, I found that the most curious thing about the Gallion was his wings. I noticed that his left wing was a lot smaller than the right wing. Angry that I was holding him, he tried to nip at my face, but I swiftly dodged as I got up. When I assured the crowd that I was okay, I took the Gallion (who was still growling loudly) and carried it off to the tent where I was staying.

It was there that I discovered the Gallion had broken his smaller wing in the fall. It was a miracle he could fly, really, since his wings were so disproportionate. I carefully bandaged his broken little wing up, fed him, and went to bed.

I suppose this is when my story becomes rather like the rest, but my little friend from the skies has never left my side yet. I have since moved on from the Lost Desert (after all, Neopia is a rather large place to explore), but he has loyally followed me everywhere. He still can't fly very well, but we're trying. If you see him flying, you might think, "Hey, why does that Barbat look like it's going to hit a tree?" If you think that, however, you've got two things wrong. One: he's not a Barbat, he's my Gallion, and two: it's not his fault, the poor guy. I really think he's getting better at flying, though, with all the lessons I've been giving him. He doesn’t talk (just a yip and yap and what sounds like a bark here and there), but he's never left my side. And woe to anyone that tries to get between us. The last thief who tried robbing us was sent home crying!

Ah, so why do I call him Soaring? Because that's his dream! You know, to soar.

I'm trying to teach him to use his left wing more without getting tired so easily, so he can fly higher and faster... until he's soaring in the sky.

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