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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Mascarpone
Owner: tanookipants
Pet Name: Baethelda
Breed: Plumpy

About Mascarpone:
Baethelda sighs. "How come none of my Petpets ever like me?!?"

This is the fifth time that Baethelda has demanded I take her to the Petpet store to buy a new companion. Her Tapira, her Abominable Snowball, and her Warf -- none of them seemed to like her... and don't even get me STARTED about that horrible Altachuck.

It's not that Baethelda is a bad Petpet owner; she's just a bit needy, perhaps a bit overly attached. Most Petpets can't deal with that kind of attention -- the constant hugs and kisses. She can be overwhelming with all of her energy, and I'm sure that it can scare little Petpets.

"I'm sure your next one will like you. You just haven't been lucky, that's all." I assure her.

As we approach the Petpet shop, the young Kacheek immediately spots one in the window that she wants. It appears to be an Angelpuss, but a little... chubby... and grumpy. I'm not really sure that this thing is even a Petpet.

"A-are you sure you want that one, dear?" I timidly ask.

Baethelda runs inside before answering me. The Usul running the shop smiles at her, eager to help her select her new friend.

"THAT ONE!!!" Baethelda shouts, pointing at the... um, Angelpuss?

"Ah, you want the Plumpy?" the Usul asks.

Baethelda nods.

"Don't you think that a Spardel or a Snorkle would be better? Oh, how about this cute little Noil? Doesn't he look like a nice Petpet?"

"No, I'm sure I want this one. I like him. He's different."

She hands over her Neopoints and twirls around with her new Petpet. I gulp. Did she really just adopt it? It looks so unhappy!

"It looks a little mean, dear. I'm not sure that this one will like you. You're SURE you want it?"

Maybe she just sees something in him that I don't.

"Yes! He is perfect! His name shall be Mascarpone!"

As I look at this Plumpy I notice that, despite its rather menacing face, it's purring and snuggling close to the joyful Kacheek. It even seems to be blushing a little bit, maybe even smiling. This Petpet actually seems to like her. Out of all the cute and cuddly pets she has had, THIS is the one that is nice? I suppose you can't always judge a book by its cover.

"Mascarpone... that's a wonderful name, dear. How about we go home and introduce your new Plumpy to everyone?"

Baethelda squeals with delight and skips out of the shop, clutching her new friend ever-so-tightly.

"Come on, Mascarpone! Let's go get some candy! I think you'll really like it! Oh, and when we get home I can show you my toys! You can even play with them, too, if you want! We're going to have the best time ever!"

"Thank you for your patronage! Come back any time!" the Usul clerk cheers.

Baethelda is now half of the town ahead of me, twirling in circles and showing her new Petpet to everyone she sees. She even runs into the National Neopian to show the Skeith banker.

I haven't seen her this happy in a long time. In fact, the last time she was this happy was when we found a rare plushie under the Money Tree! She truly did love this Petpet, and it seemed to love her back tenfold.

Maybe this Plumpy wasn't such a bad purchase after all.

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