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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: carpi
Owner: sailboat116
Pet: chaelen59815
Breed: Walking Carpet

About carpi:

"It's time for contestant #1139, Carpi, the walking carpet and its cootie" boomed a loud voice over a loud speaker.

Chaelen59815, the baby kau, mother of Carpi hugged her daughter tight.

"You'll do fine" she told her.

And with that she gave Carpi a light push onstage.

Carpi slowly walked over to the center of the stage, holding her cootie in her arms. She looked at the panel of judges in front of her, and then at the huge restless audience. Her eyes grew wide with fear, and began to fill with tears. Her lower lip began to tremble. She hugged her cootie tightly in her arms. She looked backstage at her mommy, who gave her a reassuring smile.

"What do I say mommy?" whispered the terrified Carpi.

"Just tell them about yourself," whispered Chaelen back

"Hello everyone. I'm Carpi," said Carpi shyly.

'Tell them about how your mommy got you Carpi", said cootie with a sweet smile.

"Ok," said Carpi.

"Well one day my mommy and her owner sailboat116 were donating some things to the money tree. I was under the money tree, because that was where I used to live. I used to have an old mommy, but she left me at the money tree when she got a cuter petpet. So the money tree became my home for months. My fur grew all matted and ugly, and even the poor neopians who were beggers, wouldn't take me.One morning I woke up and found a cootie tangled in my thick fur. She couldn't get herself free. So we were stuck together. Over time we became best friends."

Carpi stopped and smiled down at cootie, who had fallen asleep in her arms.

"So anyways," Carpi continued, "One day chaelen59815 and her owner were at the money tree. Chaelen saw me and cried "mommy, mommy, come quick." Sailboat116 rushed over.

"Look mommy, it's a walking carpet petpet." said chaelen59815.

"Can I keep it mommy?" she pleaded.

"Are you sure you don't want a different pet? How about a nice miamouse or kadoatie from the pet store instead?"

"No mommy I want this one"

"Alright then" said sailboat116

Chaelen ran over to me and picked me up. She didn't care if I was the prettiest pet. She loved me anyway. She took me home and cleaned me up, and freed cootie from my fur. She said cootie could stay too, since we were such good friends. Then she took us to the petpet supply store and bought us lots of nice toys and things. We grew to love each other so much. And that is how she became my new mommy."

The crown cheered wildly, causing poor little cooty to awake. Carpi took a bow, and her and her cootie joined their mommy backstage.

"Oh Carpi," Chaelen cried as she hugged her daughter tight.

"You were wonderful out there. I'm so proud of you"

Carpi looked up at her mommy's proud face and felt like she was the luckiest petpet ever.

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