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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: murton
Owner: hc_slug
Pet: shloog
Breed: Slorg

About murton:

A small timid-looking blue Korbat steps up onto the middle of the battered wooden stage, framed by two red curtains, tied back with string. The Korbat is carrying a green leash with a frayed knot at the end.

"H-hello!" stutters the Korbat. "My name is S-Shloog and I would like to introduce my petpet, Murton the Slorg!" the Korbat smiles bravely and gestures at the end of the leash.

"Murton?" the Korbat smiles anxiously. "Murton! Come out now, come show the nice judges your slimy little smile!" the end of the leash hangs limply, there is a long silence.

Shloog hisses impatiently, throws down the leash and storms off the stage.

A few seconds later a large fat, green slorg crawls onto the stage, leaving a sticky trail of slime in its wake. The Slorg stops in the middle of the stage and procedes to devour his entire leash. When he's finshed he opens his mouth, revealing an alarming set of fangs and burps loudly.

Now, if one was not listening very carefully, they would not be able to hear what the Slorg said next, for indeed, the Slorg did say something...

"Murton happy," said the Slorg.

"Murton!" Shloog burst onto the stage. "There you are! See, I told you he'd come, everyone this is Murton. Murton was my first and only petpet. He's very special to me indeed," Shloog cupped a hand over the side of his mouth. "He's a bit dim upstairs though, if you get my drift..."

Murton's eyes glow red and he mutters. "Puny neopet," Shloog chuckles and pats Murton on the head.

"Sometimes he makes funny muttering noises, it's like he's trying to talk, of course no petpet is clever enough to do that!" Shloog pats Murton on the head again. "Watch this! Murton, what is five plus two?" Murton burps loudly. "Murton?" Murton chuckles softly under his breath. "Oh well. I guess he's a bit tired, he gets stressed very easily. Anyhow, I suppose it's time for me to tell you Murton's story...

I was out walking one day with my brother Schmetterlo, when we came across a little old Mynci lady, being tormented by a group of young skeiths. Well, Schmetterlo and I don't tolerate this sort of behaviour, so we chased them off and went to help the the Mynci up. She seemed quite all right, not in the least bit shaken. She was very polite though and offered us a reward for helping her out.

Now, we couldn't refuse so we agreed, and she gave us a little piece of white card with the adress of a warehouse not far from here printed on it. She told us it supplied rare petpets from all over the world and we could go choose one if we wanted (for they owed her a favor, or so she told us). That afternoon I left Schmetterlo sunbathing in our neogarden and went off in search of the warehouse.

It wasn't long before I reached it, it was a dilapidated old building with a rusted sign on the front that read "Morgroth's Rare Petpets". I pushed the door open and walked inside. It was very dark inside, stuffed to the brim with old crates and so dusty it made me sneeze. "Excuse me?" I called out. No one answered, however I became slowly aware of something watching me. I spun around and came face to face with a large slorg, its eyes glowing red.

I reached out and picked it up. Around its neck was a little tag, in the dim light I made out the words, "My name is Murton - please take me home". And so I did, and that's the story of how I found Murton! I don't think it should matter if a petpet is painted or not, to win the petpet spotlight. I know the only thing that matters to me is that I love Murton very much, and, though he may be a tad boring at times, I think he deserves his fifteen minutes of fame. Don't you?"

There is silence in the audience. "Well, thanks very much, I'd best be going now. Thanks for your time! Come along Murton." Shloog flaps off-stage, smiling happily. For a few minutes Murton remains in the middle of the stage then slowly burps... seven times, before slithering off after Shloog.

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