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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Sunny
Owner: seraphicbrie
Pet Name: rustic_flowers
Breed: Island Flerper

About Sunny:
Ah! The first days of spring are always the best! The sun is out, the weather's warm, and the flowers are blooming! What's not to like?

BAH! That’s what I thought before I stepped foot out of my tree this morning and an icy blast of winter greeted me right in the face! Spring, indeed!

Oh my, I forgot to introduce myself, what with all the excitement over spring! My name is Sunny and I am a Flerper! We Flerpers just love plant life! You could say that it is part of who we are. It's no wonder why the illustrious Illusen appointed us unofficial Guardians of the Green. What? You've never heard of a Guardian of the Green before? Well, we are responsible for caring for all of the plant life throughout Neopia! That grass you're standing on right now, it's all thanks to us Guardians!

Well, during the winter months, we don't have much to do since all the flora are sleeping. When springtime comes, however, boy are we ever busy! We have to make sure that the weather is warm enough for the flowers to grow. We have to make sure that those new flowers have enough water and sunshine. Most importantly, though, we have to make sure that those new flowers are safe. That means no one should be stepping on them, no one should be eating them, and most of all, no one should be picking them!

However, I don’t have to worry about that just yet because, as I wiped the frost from my leaves, I saw that the winter was still upon us. The skies were cloudy and grey, there was still snow everywhere, and the winter wind could chill you to the bone! No new flowers would be starting to bloom in this weather, but as I turned to leave the wintry climate behind, something green glimmered among the vast grey and white.

I paused to examine that tiny glimmer and found that a silly little sprout was trying to grow in this weather! That’s where our story really begins.

Forgetting my aversion to the cold, I sprang through the snow toward that tiny sprout. Once I moved the snow away from around it, I could see that it was just barely above the ground. How was such a little thing supposed to stand up to this frigid weather? It wasn't, at least not without my help. I sure had my work cut out for me! It is no simple task to protect an early bloom from the harshness of winter. Quickly, I dug out a clearing around it so that no snow would fall on it, and then I made certain the soil was moist. I still needed some warm sun, though.

Just then, I remembered a potion that I had gotten from a rather game-obsessed Blumaroo a while back. It shone brilliantly and gave off a warm light. It even had a little sun and a tiny moon in it! I dashed back to my home to get it.

Finding my Brilliant Sun and Moon Potion proved to be more work than I had anticipated. It was buried under all these other sun items that I had. When I'd finally found it and returned to the little sprout, it was gone!

"How can this be?!?" I wondered frantically to myself. "I wasn't gone THAT long!" I had to find it.

I meticulously examined the soil where the tiny sprout had been. Instead of a sprout, however, there was a rather large hole, and around that hole were several large footprints. Whoever left those footprints must have taken my sprout!

I angrily trudged through the snow, following the tracks that I had found. Oooooh, when I find the sprout-napper who snatched my tiny bud, they are really going to get a piece of my mind! Nobody messes with a Flerper's plants! Every step closer just made me more and more mad! That thief was in for it now!

The tracks led me to a rather large stone wall with an enormous archway entrance, and when I rounded the corner and passed through that archway, it was like stepping into another world. A bright light enveloped me in its warmth like a winter's coat, and all the greys and whites of winter gave way to vibrant greens, reds, and violets of spring. This place was untouched by the icy winds that resided beyond its walls. It was a Flerper's paradise. I stood there, so amazed at what I had found, that I'd almost forgotten about my sprout and that thief. Luckily for me, I found the culprit in the center of this magical place!

It turned out to be a grey Cybunny. I was about to pounce on her with all of my rage when I noticed just how gingerly she carried my little sprout. She took the utmost care not to jerk or move too quickly as she approached a small indentation in the soil. She gently placed the sprout into that tiny hole and covered it, then watered it and stepped back. To my amazement, my tiny sprout began to grow right before my very eyes. Before I knew it, my precious little sprout had grown into a beautiful Sponderola!

I watched all of this transpire from the safety of my hiding spot behind one of the many trees in this paradise, but watching that event was just too magnificent for me to keep quiet any longer. I ran past the Cybunny and up to my now-blossoming sprout.

"Oh my! It seems we have a visitor!" the Cybunny exclaimed. "Welcome to my garden. I bet you are wondering what a place like this is doing here with the thick of winter all around it, huh?" The Cybunny calmly looked down at me. It was as if she had read my mind, so I just sheepishly nodded.

"My garden is no ordinary garden, my little green friend. Illusen has infused her magic into it, so that it's never touched by the hardship of winter. She has appointed me the guardian of this garden. I tend to all of the flowers and plants here, and I also search for plants that are having a hard time in the winter and bring them back here to help them grow. Hee hee, you could call me Rustic_Flowers, guardian of all things green!" The Cybunny exclaimed proudly.

I couldn't believe my ears! Was there truly a Guardian of the Green that wasn't a Flerper? Did we really have the same goal? How could I have ever thought she was a thief? She was obviously MUCH better at helping plant life than I was. My little sprout would be better off with her, anyway.

Ashamed, I hung my head and turned to leave. However, I was stopped by a gentle paw on my shoulder. I looked up into that smiling face.

"Was it you who dug this little one out of the snow?" she asked, motioning toward the blossom. I nodded and looked at my now fully-grown sprout and felt so inadequate that I just wanted to hide.

"It must have been terribly difficult to find something so tiny in that much ice and snow. It takes a keen eye to do something like that. You know, I would be honored if you would stay here and help me care for the garden and search for other plants in need," she said earnestly as she extended her paw out to me.

It was like a dream come true! I would get to stay in this paradise! I would be surrounded by so many beautiful plants and flowers! Most of all, though, I would be able to learn from another Guardian of the Green! With an elated smile, I took that Cybunny's paw.

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