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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Tensai
Owner: mysticdarkangel925
Pet Name: raggle_fraggle
Breed: Darigan Ukali

About Tensai:
You know how most Neopets and their Petpets normally start off on the right paw (or claw, or feet... you understand)? They begin as friends and then the close sense of kinship only deepens as time marches on, enduring the many tests and trials that might come along. Mine and Rags' did not initially go that direction, at least not at first.

It all started back when we first came into contact with each other in the City of Sakhmet. Back when I made that part of The Lost Desert my home, I would always wait until mid-morning, when the city would finally be open for business. Despite it being as hot as it always is, the vendors and patrons were always lively enough, animatedly haggling and selling the goods before the customers would move on to the next stall. At this, I would take an opportunity to watch the shoppers' bags closely. Sometimes, extra fruit or some other foods would come tumbling out unbeknownst to them. I would dart in, grab the food, and then stash it back in my hiding spot for safe-keeping, repeating the entire cycle at the next stand.

I remember this particular day being especially hot and intense; even though the residents were fairly used to the heat, not many of them were out. Early morning eventually stretched into mid-morning and then became noon. My stomach growled in complaint. At this rate, the vendors were going to close shop soon; it doesnt do anyone good trying to sell food that is simply going to shrivel up in the sun. Just as I was about to call it quits for the day and scurry back to my den, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. It appeared to be... some sort of hooded figure. Oh good, someone came by after all! I quickly slunk behind a pile of sand to not draw attention to myself.

I watched as the figure made his selection, paid, and then began to make his way back from where he'd come.

Ooh, tricky customer, I thought. I guess I'll have to work a bit harder for this one. I snapped down my goggles and crouched low, preparing for a long afternoon of stalki--shadowing him very closely.

Hours passed. Wow, I’m pretty sure we passed the same rotting piece of driftwood about four times already. This was getting plain exhausting; as though it wasn't bad enough, I hadn't gotten to eat anything yet and was starting to get a little dizzy and exhausted from the heat. Wait, I don't remember the ground being this topsy-turvy. Everything then went black.

My eyes snapped open. It's... nighttime already? I spun around, confused. I accidentally knocked over a... what? I don't remember this pile of Tchea Fruit being here before, or this blanket... not to mention this large bowl of water. No one was around, save for that particular individual.

"That's strange," I mumbled as I squinted into the dark. "I don't see him around here anywhere. I never even got to find out who he really is, either."

After having my fill of water and fruit, I decided to venture forth into the night in an attempt to pick up his trail. "One of these days," I decided, "I will catch up with you. You won't get away again so easily!" So then, with that declaration, I readjusted my goggles and set out for the distant mountains.

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