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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: LueHue
Owner: rawkaba
Pet Name: StevensRockShow
Breed: Ettaphant

About LueHue:
Hello, Our names are Lue and Hue. We have a little story to tell you about how we were saved by our owner, and of course other helpful neopians.

It all started on a hot day in the middle of the Lost Desert. We're not sure how we got there, but being lost in the Lost Desert wasn't very comforting. It was hot and tiresome walking through the hot, sun stricken sand. When we thought we had found refuge it only turned out to be a mirage. The only thing we could think of was water and eating a huge banana sundae. When we had nearly given up hope, we herd a voice.
"I don't know it doesn't look very good." Said a man, walking up to us.
"Well we have to take it, or the little thing will die!" Said another man.
"Alright, we must hurry"
The man quickly picked us up. Still very limp from the sun, it was hard to stay awake to see what was happening. The bumpiness of the ride was alarming, but soon ended when we heard crowds of people talking.
"Weapons! Get your weapons here! Only the finest in Sakhment!" Yelled a man from afar.
"Desert Foods! Fill your stomach with some great desert foods!" Yelled another man.
We were in sakhment! We were taken into a small, cool tent. A lady was talking to the man who was holding us.
"Yes, yes indeed I think I have what it needs,” Said a lady to the stranger. "But I won't be able to care of the little guy too long, for I have business to be taken care of. Running a store takes up a lot of your time, and I won’t be able to attend its needs." The lady said with concern.
"Alright, I know where I can bring him." The man said.
Soon enough we had our mouth full of water, and lying on a nice warm blanket as the night came.
The night soon came to morning. We were moved to another tent with no warning. It wasn't as luxurious as the other tent, but we had a lot of attention. People visited the tent every minute or so. They looked at us, seeing how we didn’t look very good, or healthy, and left either empty-handed or with another petpet. But, soon enough one pet came that said he wanted to take us home. He walked up to the lady that was taking care of us, and ended up walking to the back room. We heard from the back, the two talking.
"This petpet is unhealthy. I suggest you buy another petpet. I don’t think you’ll be happy with it." The lady said.
"No," said the stranger "I like this one."
"Very well then, but you must take care of it, for it has been very sick and needs a lot of attention to recover." The lady said.
"Of course." He answered
Soon enough we were in the arms of a very furry pet. It had a long line of spiky hair and stripes across its fur.
"Hey little guy, I promise to take very good care of you. You'll be living with me now. I think I'll call you, erm... I mean you two, Lue and Hue"
We found ourselves in a nice cozy room. We were given a bed, water, and food. It was very welcoming to know that we had a nice, permanent home, and names of our own."
A few days pass and we are feeling as good as new. We love our owner, SevensRockShow, and can't wait to live the rest of our life with him. We will never forget the day when we were saved and bought, despise our health, and put into a lovely home.

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