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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Cookie
Owner: saqo
Pet Name: Saike
Breed: White Weewoo

About Cookie:
"Cookie, come back!" A white Kacheek dashes past you. You stop, startled.

On the way home from doing errands in Neopia Central, the last thing you had expected to see was a white neopet - no longer white from having ran through the fields in town - chasing after a clumsy but cheerful, and chirping white Weewoo.

The Kacheek stops, bent over half-way and huffing, clearly having done much more exercise than should be necessary this early in the morning. She notices you.

"Oh - I'm sorry to bother you!"

You wave your hand, not bothered but a little amused.

"It's my Weewoo, you see," she says, looking up at the blue sky stretching over Neopia with eyes squinted slightly. "He means well, but he's smaller than a normal Weewoo and often gets blown away or just decides to wander. Because he's clumsy, I often lose sight of him."

You nod. "His name is... Cookie?" You ask, smirking a little.

"That's right," she nods in affirmation, shyly. "He, well, he likes cookies. My owner bought him for me years ago, and I couldn't decide what to name him until I saw him steal from her freshly made Borovan Cookies one day!"

You laugh, looking up, then. "Is that him?" You point at the sky, having caught a glimps of a a blob of white feathers, dipping up and down in the sky, chittering to itself happily.

"Ah, it must be," the Kacheek sighs and jogs after it, hands up-stretched. "Cookie, come down! It's time to go home!"

The Weewoo looked down at her, head cocked to one side and then the other. It landed on a tree near the Pharmacy, cheeping and pecking at the bark of the tree, then closed its eyes and pointed its head up to the sun, happily.

"You know," you start, having gotten an idea. "I just visited the Food Shop, and bought myself some Purple Gormball Sugar Cookies."

The Kacheek stops, looking at you curiously, then her eyes and mouth open wide, "Oh, no! I couldn't ask you to offer those! Cookie should learn to behave better."

"It's fine. Just this once," you say, and rustle in your paper bag. You pull out the box of cookies, open the cardboard, and hold the container in the direction of the Weewoo. "Here you go, little guy! Fresh cookies!" Well, fresh as a cardboard box can manage, you add to yourself.

The Weewoo opens its eyes. It chirps. You pause, the soft breeze clearly bringing the smell of the cookies upwards, as the Weewoo takes a step forward. 'That's it...' you think to yourself.

"Come on, Cookie! Look, cookies!" The Kacheek calls, in a forced calm voice. You know, not suspicious at all. We're not trying to capture you and end your playful rampage, little Weewoo, of course not...

With a final chirp, the Weewoo launches itself at you. It hits you in the chest and you stumble backwards, but keep your balance - and above all, manage to not drop the cookies. The Kacheek cheers and reaches out and takes the Weewoo, a cookie in its mouth.

"Thank you so much!" She cries, smiling broadly. She cradles the Weewoo who munches on its cookie happily, clearly not bothered by the turn of events this morning.

You nod, wave to the pair, and continue on your way home. Munching on a cookie, of course.

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