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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Snow Fluff
Owner: crazy_monkey_luver_2
Pet: cybunnibun
Breed: Snowbunny

About Snow Fluff:

Among the rainbow, grey, blue, green and pink Snowbunnies in their enclosed space at the Petpet Shop was an ordinary Snowbunny. Her pink nose twitched as did her whiskers, and her beady eyes beamed at passers-by as they stared at her through the glass, fogging it with their breath.

This particular Snowbunny pawed the ground impatiently, staring beyond the large mass of shoppers; she saw the big, wide world of Neopia. Her life was nothing but a small, crowded space filled with squawks, hisses, chirps, squeaks and screeches.

The Snowbunny glanced around the Petpet shop; soon-to-be owners were peeking into glass tanks at bubbling Goldies, or a Wadjet curled up and letting its tongue hiss and slither. Others resorted to the cuddly faerie Petpets, like Miamice or Flouds that came in every colour.

The Snowbunny let out what would be a sigh but sounded much more like a squeak, and she let her fluffy tail droop as she stared out of her cage into the big, wide world. All she had ever wanted was freedom and opportunities.

She watched the rainbow Snowbunny sniff and squeak angrily at the blue one, who backed off right away. All of a sudden, a Christmas Shoyru approached the cage, grinning and gazing at her spotted Snowbunny friend. This Petpet was losing her eyesight, and because of that she had been unable to get a home.

The ordinary Snowbunny watched her old friend get gently picked up and cradled, and soon was carried away with her new owner. Longing for this freedom, the Snowbunny turned away.

She glanced over her shoulder as she felt two pairs of eyes watching her.

A small, furry face appeared, peering into the case. The grey Snowbunny gave one of her most upsetting, tear-jerking looks, and the pink Snowbunny struck a pose by showing her lovely pink coat and eyes. Only the one plain, nothing-special Snowbunny remained in the corner, beady eyes quivering.

The furry face belonged to a Christmas Snowbunny, who glanced at each Snowbunny, but let her gaze rest upon the lonely, longing Petpet in the corner. The Cybunny cocked her head, and gave a warm smile.

"That one," she uttered, pointing. "She's the one I want."

That day, the Snowbunny left the world she had known her whole life. She no longer felt so limited; now, her life held opportunities, more opportunities than she could ever dream. Her new owner was living proof of that as she chattered absently on their walk to her new home on Soup Alley after a small stroll through the woods.

Suddenly, opportunity came and offered Snow Fluff the Snowbunny a new friend. Cybunnibun stopped abruptly, spun around and saw her Petpet, standing stock-still with a small green speck in her mouth.

"What the..?" exclaimed Cybunnibun, peering closer to see a small, struggling Mootix. Snow Fluff gave what Cybunnibun thought was a grin and freed the Mootix from her grasp. Having been caught, the Mootix hopped gently onto her back, nearly invisible in her soft, silky fur.

In such a short period of time, Snow Fluff had bee given more than she had ever asked for. Freedom, and two new friends. An ordinary Snowbunny, whose life had been nothing but a crowded enclosed space was now an adventure; a long course of events, and Snow Fluff had no idea how her life would turn out. And that was just the way she liked it.

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