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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Tiger
Owner: pansyparkinson14
Pet: Goldenflightfeathers
Breed: Gruslen

About Tiger:

Hey, my name is Goldenflightfeathers, the island Wocky, and well, I've come here to tell you about my awesome petpet, Tiger. He really deserves this petpet spotlight, thing because, well, he taught me one of the most valuable lessons in my life. I haven't always liked Tiger, and so I've decided to tell everyone about the unusual way we became friends. Listen up, and maybe you'll even learn something. Imagine that.

It was a cold day in Happy Valley (well, it's often cold up there, isn't it?) and I was walking to my friend's house for some freshly made cookies and gossip. I had groomed specially for my day with my friends, and my fur was looking absolutely stunning that day. So, naturally, I was quite furious when I saw a flash of orange and black streak past me, and a large, wet snowball smacked me in the face.

I whirled around, positively spitting, and heard a bubbling giggle echo around the cheery wintery atmosphere. Hackles raised, I glared around. You would think that something black and orange would be easy to spot in layers upon layers of snow, but it's not. Trust me, I couldn't find that creature, and I certainly wanted to throw a few snowballs at it, if I caught up to it.

Primping my fur up again, I sniffed (alright, I was a little melodramatic, okay?) and, brushing my fur free of the chilly white snow, I actually arrived at my friend Marchandefleur's house, and had a fabulous time, gossiping furiously and talking about absolutely nothing. I forgot about the little orange and black brat for the whole afternoon, and managed to have a lot of fun.

I was humming a catchy tune and munching on a chewy chocolate chip cookie when I was brought back to reality by a spinning icy snowball smashing into my back. I howled-yes, positively howled. The familiar giggling came to my ears again, and this time, my eyes pinpointed to where the giggling was coming from. Shaking my fur free of the freezing snow, I lowered my paws, crouching, and pounced.

I missed. Yes, I'm a little embarrassed, but I missed the orange and black creature by a full two feet. My eyes caught what it was this time though-a gruslen, a cheeky, teasing gruslen. Crashing to the snow, I scrambled to get up, but the gruslen had already taken off, snorting with laughter at my horrible miss. The gruslen turned back to look at me, and stuck out its tongue in pure sass between its two ivory tusks.

Cold and wet, I gave up my race after the gruslen and trooped home. The laughing accompanied me, but I refrained from taking off after the beast. I was shivering with cold, and obviously quite furious. I kicked at the snow in violent rage, and, hissing, I had made it to my doorstep. That's when the third snowball hit me full in the face. Ouch.

I couldn't ignore the gruslen any longer. I saw its little face poke out from a mound of snow, and I pounced. I didn't miss this time, I'm proud to say. I bowled the little beast over, and I was about to screech to the gruslen the woes it had caused me, when it squirmed free and licked my nose. Oh, darn, it was cute. Very cute.

It yipped at me excitedly, and ran in a happy circle around me. I felt my anger slipping away from me, and a small smile crept to my face. I decided, graciously, to let it frolic away, and turned back to go home. That's when the fourth snowball hit me.

I turned around to see the gruslen sitting in front of me, rolling another snowball. Turning to me, it offered the snowball to me like some kind of peace offering. Then we both starting laughing, laughing so hard that our stomachs began hurting like crazy. Making friends is the most fun thing of all.

Tiger the gruslen and I are the best of friends now. We're inseparable, although sometimes our tastes of fun differ. While I'd rather polish my claws, Tiger loves frolicking in the snow. What matters is that, with getting to know each other, we're awesome friends now. So, next time you feel that someone is being rude to you, give them another chance. Everyone expresses themselves differently, and you shouldn't reject something right off, before you know what it's all about. What you might think is obviously rude might be another person's way of saying, "Let's be friends."

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