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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Biaf
Owner: petpet200351
Pet: Koby10021
Breed: Snicklebeast

About Biaf:

Hi, I'm Koby10021 and this is my Petpet, Biaf the Snicklebeast. Biaf is a new Petpet that species was just named. I received Biaf a few days ago at the Advent Calendar. Many people aren't aware of this Petpet. I may be the only Neopet with it.

When Petpet200351 brought home the Snicklebeast, she showed him to everyone. My two sisters were terrified of him. They didn't want him. They called him, "A hideous beast". I loved him. He was a cool looking beast. I could scare my sisters with him.

About two days later, the species was named and we learned more about him. Then Petpet200351 thought that it was safe enough to play with him.

Of course, I wanted him, so Petpet200351 attached him to me. I quickly went to him and named him Biaf. I liked the name because it was like a beast-like name. Then I talked to him, introducing myself. All he did was look at me. Then I knew that he wasn't the smartest Petpet.

Since he was a new Petpet, I thought that he should be recognized for his original beast look. So, then I got my crayons and paper and sat Biaf with me. I drew a picture of him the best I could. Biaf and I ran over to Petpet Spotlight. I looked at the past winners and current winner. It didn't look like Biaf had much competition. So, I entered Biaf in the Petpet Spotlight. I think he really deserved to win. He's a great companion. There are not many beast-looking, scary Snicklebeasts out there.

Biaf may look scary, but he is really sweet. He likes to follow me around wherever i go. Some people run away from Biaf when they see him. They just don't know him. This is how Biaf's day goes. Biaf wakes me up by jumping up and down on my stomach. Then, when I get up, he follows me in the bathroom. He likes to bury himself in the white towels. He thinks that it's snow. It's breakfast time after that.

I feed him a healthy diet so that he gets lots of energy for his long day. It's usually a few green apples, some grapes and fresh water in his bowl. Biaf then goes to my room to watch television with me. By 12 o'clock he wants to play. I take Biaf outside in my backyard. He plays with his ball and climbs trees. His playtime can get him really dirty at times. So, after a while, I take him inside. Biaf gets all cleaned up, so he doesn't get dirt all over the place.

Now, it's time for my favorite time of the day. I take Biaf to my sister's rooms. They tell me to get that monster out of their room. Biaf really likes Jasmine10021 and Melissa10021, but they don't like him. Sometimes, he wonders into their room and he gets sad when he has to leave.

This has worn Biaf out, so he goes in my room to take a quick nap. While he's sleep, I go downstairs to the kitchen to have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I make a quick run to the store for Petpet200351. When I come back, I see that Biaf has made a big mess. I hurry to clean it up before someone sees it.

Biaf wonders around the Neohome getting into things. Biaf decides to go in the kitchen to watch Petpet200351 make dinner. As she drops a piece of meat on the floor unknowingly, Biaf eats it. Melissa10021, brings this to Petpet200351's attention. Then Biaf is kicked out of the kitchen.

It's dinner time!Biaf eats his usual food and sits by my chair as I eat. After dinner, Biaf sits in my window and stares out the window.He scratched on the window trying to get out. Then it bedtime for Biaf and I. He curls up next to me and falls sound to sleep.

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