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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Little Light
Owner: darkened_dream92
Pet: Christmas_Peril
Breed: Puppyblew

About Little Light:

Christmas_Peril only had Little Light for a couple weeks now, and he has already grown to love him. Little Light feels comfertible around Christmas_Peril, too. On cold Winter nights, they both love to curl up in the Living Room by the Fireplace and drink a Hot Cup of coffee. They also like to play outside on cold winter mornings and throw snowballs at their best friends Hannah_Nannie, the Christmas Shoyru and Camilla, the Christmas Harris.

.How Christmas_Peril found Little Light.

One cold winter morning, Christmas_Peril went to go play outside in the snow with a couple of his friends. They were playing in the forest when Christmas_Peril heard a fait barking sound coming from behind a tree. Christmas_Peril looked behind the tree to find a little Puppyblew shivering from the cold and frosty air. Christmas_Peril picked him up and immediately took him home. Christmas_Peril burst through the front door asking me if he could keep him. When I said yes, he decided on a perfect name for him, Little Light. The small Puppyblew hopped franticly around the room when he heard his new name.

.How Little Light became Christmas.

A few days later, Little Light was very happy, but Christmas_Peril wanted him to be Christmas for the Holidays. So later, we walked all over Neopia Central looking for a Christmas Petpet Paint Brush. We went to the Petpet Puddle after an hour of searching, and we finally got the Paint Brush. The minute we got the Petpet Paint Brush, Little Light wanted to be Painted immedently at the Petpet Puddle. After he got Painted, we went to the Petpet Furniture and Toy store to buy new furniture for the lucky little Christmas Puppyblew.

.Why Little Light deserves The Petpet Spotlight Award.

Little Light says 'Chrrrrpp chrrrrp'

What Christmas_Peril says

'I think we deserve The Petpet Spotlight Award because my owner worked very hard for Little Light's Petpet Paint Brush and how we take care of him day by day. He is a fun little Puppyblew and deserves the very best. He is always talking about being famous and how fun it would be to be in the Petpet Spotlight. He would also tell me about the dreams that he had about winning the award.'

.More things about Little Light.

Little Light is a very outgoing and fun little Puppyblew. He loves to talk with Christmas_Peril late at night under the window of their Bedroom looking out at the large moon, the cold wind blowing in their faces. Little Light and Christmas_Peril love to go to the Jazzmosis Christmas Special every Christmas morning. His other friends like to call Little Light 'Rudolph' because of his shiny, red nose. Sometimes, Little Light belives he could fly. We bought a trampoline just for him so he can achive his 'goal'. He also loves to visit Terror Mountain and play in the Cold and powdery snow.

Christmas_Peril and Little Light bow and then walk out into the sunny fields of Neopia Central.

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