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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Chumsley
Owner: qscqscqsc1234
Pet: ye123
Breed: Noil

About Chumsley:

Hello, I am Ye123 the Plushie Draik and I would like to tell you about my petpet, Chumsley the Plushie Noil!

Chumsley has been around for quite awhile, long enough for me to know him perfectly. He and I are good friends now, without him cuddling besides my bed, I can't even fall asleep! And I would have never learned how to climb a tree without him. Although we are so close now, I didn't like him at all the first few days.

It was on my birthday that Chumsley arrived.

Early in the morning my owner, Cheer told me the exciting news, she is getting me a petpet! And I get to choose the one I want! Lots to choose from, right? Wrong.

When we got to the Petpet store it's almost closed. The only petpet left is a small noil, cuddled against the corner, wrapped in a blanket. It has big, adorable eyes and a beautiful fur coat. The noil lookup up, blinked several times, and went back to sleep.

I didn't pay much attention to him at first, after all a noil isn't really the kind of petpet I was looking for. But since it's my only chance to finally own a petpet, I nodded at the shopkeeper...

A noil is an ordinary petpet, but my noil is anything but ordinary.

First of all, my pet, whom I decided to call Chumsley, likes to climb trees, it was pretty strange for a noil to climb trees, and it's awfully hard to find one of those since we live on Terror Mountain.

Also, Chumsley likes cookies, whenever my sisters or I leave cookies on the table when we leave the room, they tend to disappear.

Chumsley likes to sleep on beds, he didn't like the petpet bed we bought him, and so we had to get him a bed like mine to sleep on.

I wasn't too happy to have a petpet like Chumsley to be around, he does nothing but play, eat and sleep and I had to clean after him.

I complained to Cheer and thought about giving him up for another petpet, but Cheer didn't say anything.

Soon, as Chumsley grew up a bit, everything changed. I don't have to clean after him like I used to, he still likes cookies, but he always lick my hand to get permission first. Sometimes at night when there is a Thunderstorm, Chumsley often slept on my bed to make me feel braver.

Chumsley Also taught me how to climb trees! It was really difficult at first, but with a great teacher like Chumsley, anything is possible!

Weeks turned into Months, Christmas rolled by. I received a Plushie Petpet Paint Brush as a present.

'Oh Boy!' I thought. I quickly picked up Chumsley and ran to the Petpet Puddle. After a few strokes, Chumsley turned into a Plushie Noil! Now he is more cute and cuddly than ever.

One night when I was reading a story to Chumsley, I noticed something green on her, first I paid no attention to it, but it began to move. I glanced down, and noticed that a little Mootix had made home on Chumsley's back.

'How Sweet!' I thought, and I decided to call it Mini. Now Chumsley has his own pet!

Chumsley is my best friend now; we will never be apart from each other, Even though Chumsley cannot talk. Neopia is changing; maybe we'll be able to communicate with each other someday...

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