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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Stinky
Owner: redhot94
Pet: Chompper20002000
Breed: Rotten Egg

About Stinky:

A long sigh was heard over the buzzing of bees that were enjoying the fresh spring air. The day was bright, not a cloud in sight, and everyone was celebrating the holiday by scavenging out all the Easter Neggs the Easter Cybunny had left behind.

A mutant Kacheek, Chompper20002000 by name, was resting as all the other Neopets around him were having a blast searching for Easter Neggs. He looked at them with sad eyes, wishing they could accept him and let him join in on the fun.

The Kacheek sorted through the few Neggs he had managed to snatch in his basket, wishing he had a friend.

A small Usul with long, gorgeous pony-tails saw him and scampered up to see what he was up to. She notices his sad face and asks, "What's wrong? Aren't you having fun?"

"I am..." he responds, trying to hide his face from view, "I just want to rest for a little while..."

The Usul, not yet old enough to see the Kacheek's ugliness that everyone else rejected, tilted her head and shrugged, "Okay. Well, I'm gonna go back to search for more Neggs."

Chompper20002000 watched as the small Usul scurried away, back to her friends. He sighed again and looked up into the sky.

A glimpse of purple and pink flashed across his eyes. He blinked, rubbed his eyes, and looked back up, but it was no longer there. "Was that...?" he asked himself, "the Faerie Queen? couldn't be. She's much too rare to see...there's no way she'd let someone like me see her."

Chompper20002000 looked back down, unaware of the sparkling eyes staring at him from behind a nearby tree. The Faerie Queen giggled and looked at Illusen who sat within the tree's branches, watching over all the Negg-searching Neopets.

"Look at that little one," the Faerie Queen whispered, "He's all alone and seems to be having no fun at all."

Illusen looked over at Chompper20002000 and smiled, "It looks as though he is an outcast because of his mutated self. He needs a friend that won't care what he looks like."

"Indeed," the Faerie Queen agreed, "I'll see what I can do..."

Chompper20002000 got up and began scavenging the ground for any small chance of finding a Negg that might have been looked over. As he searched, a putrid, quite disgusting smell came to his nose.


He reached up and held his nose shut and tried to blow the smell away with his paws. Whatever it was, it stunk! If he was going to keep searching for Neggs, this stink had to go away!

Chompper20002000 cautiously followed the stench. The smell became intense as the source of it became close. As Chompper20002000 pushed back a small clump of grass, a small creature shuddered and stuck its tongue out at him.

Chompper20002000 stood, amazed that this creature was what had caused the stench, and looked it over. It looked much like a large Negg itself, only with a long red tongue, and a crack that revealed a single, orange eye. Chompper20002000 knelt by the stinky creature and reached out to touch it.

The moment Chompper20002000's paw touched the Rotton Egg's shell, the creature rolled onto its side and hopped into Chompper20002000's arms. A large, slobbery, red tongue licked across Chompper20002000's face and he chuckled.

"Well, you're smelly, that's for sure, but you're also kindda cute. I'll call you Stinky."

Chompper20002000 put Stinky down into his basket of Neggs. "Wanna help me find some Neggs?" Chompper20002000 asked, and Stinky wriggled its tongue happily in a 'Yes.'

As the two new companions paced blissfully away, a smile stretched across the Faerie Queen's cheeks.

"They will be happy together. Both were outcastes, alone without a friend. Now they need not worry about how they look...or how they smell...they both accept each other for who they are. They will be happy..."

She disappeared, her job now done, and left nothing behind but a small, glowing twinkle that soon faded into nothing...

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