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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Chantille
Owner: dustiixx_
Pet: xariallyn
Breed: Faellie

About Chantille:

An incandescent spotlight shone down into the middle of the stage. Something bounded from the shadows and leapt straight across the stage, right into the backstage crew. And then... there was a loud CRASH! The surprised voices of the backstage crew could be heard all through the room. The judges who were sitting at a little table, were evidently stunned. What in Neopia had just happened? Something little had just begun making its way back into the center of the stage, its faint silhouette could hardly be seen...

"Mmmmrrrr... Mmmmmmrrrr.... Mmmmrrrr!" A little pink Faellie stepped into the spotlight and recited quite apologetically. "Mmmmmrrrrr!!!! Mmmmmmmrrrrrrr!!!" It waved its hands about excitedly and before doing a somersault. The audience and judges applauded. Just then, as mysteriously as the Faellie had appeared, a baby Uni jumped onto the stage and looked nervously around. "Uhhh... hi everyone... Did anyone, by any chance see a...." It was then that her glance fell on the Faellie. In a swift movement of her hooves, she pulled the Faellie back to her and whispered, just a little too loudly till everyone could hear, "I thought I told you to wait for me and don't move!" She looked annoyed for a second and frowned but nonetheless, she took a step forward and said to everyone, "Good morning. I'm Xariallyn... but please, call me Xari. This is Chantille, my petpet and we are here together, to participate in this talent show." The judges looked confused... talent show? They explained to the mistaken pair that this wasn't the talent show. This was the audition room for petpet spotlight.

Xari frowned and Chantille looked lost. They stood still for a moment and thought silently. All of a sudden, both of them turned to one another in synchronization and nodded. Xari turned to the judges and said chirpily, "In that case, could we audition for petpet spotlight? Since we're already here and..." The judges nodded and an ecstatic smile appeared on her face. "Very well then. Where should we start? Oh yes! I'll tell you more about Chantille..."

I met Chantille on a rainy day somewhere in February. Back then, we were kind of poor and my owner, Dustii, couldn't afford to buy me a petpet. I had always wanted a Faellie or a Puppyblew, but they were expensive and I didn't want to burden Dustii by asking her to save up for a petpet. Anyway, it was a very rainy day and I was on my way back home. I took a shortcut through the Haunted Woods that day, even though, I knew very clearly that I was to stay out of it. I was slugging my way through the thick marsh and that was when I heard a little cry. "Mmmmrrrr... Mmmmrrrrr...", I scanned my surroundings, there didn't seem to be anyone near me, I followed the cry into a Thistleberry bush. And there lay Chantille, shivering and crying out softly. Thistles were stuck in her fur and she was dirty. I looked around to see if anyone was looking for her, but there was no one there. She didn't have a identification tag either, so I brought her home. I cleaned her up, took out the thistles, washed away the mud and fed her some food. After a few days of my luxury treatment, she was as good as new and she was bounding all over the place. During the period of time, I had gotten more and more attached to Chantille and vice versa. Dustii advised me to go to the Chia police and ask them if anyone had reported a missing Faellie, but no one had. So I kept Chantille with me till now, and we are inseparable...

"And that concludes Chantille's story..." Xari smiled and hugged Chantille till she cooed softly. Together, they bowed and went out of the room.

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