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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Blobbie
Owner: jojo_74100
Pet: Josie_ZZZ
Breed: Blobagus

About Blobbie:

Hi, I'm Josie_ZZZ I live with my owner and my pet, Blobbie.

I want to tell you how my pet and I met!

It was a freezing autumn day, and the leaves had been on the ground or quite some time now when I went outside to get the newspaper, Being a friendly Bori, I greeted all my neighbors who happened to be outside, and went about me business. I started to grab the paper when I herd, a really weird noise, It sounded like a squishy blob of something rolling around on the leaves! Surprisingly that's exactly what it was! It was a blobagus! I had always been pretty grossed out by them little things but it gave me the puppy dog pout! I couldn't help but get my owner. AS soon as my owner saw it she screamed happily, "Isn't it adorable, Josie_ZZZ !?!" I thought to myself and I bet you know what I was thinking. (YUCKY)

My owner quickly picked it up and rushed inside gave it a bath, and warmed it by the fire, I was so surprised and kind of disappointed it didn't ooze down the drain! I just wanted to get rid of the nasty little boogie! I'm serious, don't you agree it does kind of look like snot! I went ahead and took a nap in front of the fire when I woke to a squishy feeling in between my toes; I looked towards my toes when I saw that nasty little thing sleeping on my foot with its tail weaved into my toes! I didn't really do anything until I finally noticed it was cold and kind of wet feeling. I pushed it off of me and cried for my owner, it cried too! I looked at it in astonishment and asked it why it was crying, and all it did was look at me with the little puppy dog face again, I couldn't help but feel a little affection in the room. I started to like the blobagus after all. I gave it a name and it was very proud of it too, Blobbie. That evening my heart ached when Jojo_74100 *my owner* told me we had to search for Blobbie's real owner. I wept for quite sometime when Blobbie bounced to the door I followed him over there, and opened the door. There standing in front of me was a Christmas Kougra, Blobbie immediately jumped into its arms and laughed. I couldn't help but run back into the house, Blobbie was leaving and there was nothing I could do about it! Jojo_74100 came running down stairs when she saw them in the door way, she invited them inside for tea and cupcakes when she proposed for them both to live here at our house, gladly they said yes!!! it just so happens that the Kougra didn't have a home of her own and would be happy to have her pet and herself live with me and jojo_74100, that's how me and my dear family became a family thanks for everything and I Love you BLOBBIE!

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