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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Mutant Enemy
Owner: juxtaposey
Pet: GrrArrgh
Breed: Spyder

About Mutant Enemy:

"M.E., wake up!" There is a rustle, then nothing. "Come on, M.E., we gotta get to the Petpet Arena. You know the good slots fill up fast." A muffled yawn, then silence. The voice booms from below, "M.E., NOW!!"

The Spyder stretched his many legs, one at a time. He looks up to see the glaring face of his owner, GrrArrgh.

"Looks like someone stayed up late."

"I know, Dad...I'm sorr..."

His voice was cut off by the booming of his Jetsam owner. "Sorry? SORRY? I don't want to hear it! You know our plans. Every day, we go to the Petpet Arena. Unfortunately, every day, you LOSE. What do you have to say for yourself?"

See, Mutant Enemy was raised to be a fighter, just like GrrArrgh. However, his owner hadn't been home much since the new Jetsam avatar came out. During his owner's time away, Mutant Enemy had picked up a new hobby. As much as he loved it, he knew GrrArrgh would be furious if he ever found out what it was.

"I'm still waiting. What do you have to say for yourself?"

Mutant Enemy decided it was time to come clean. "Well Dad, you see, I've been working on something lately. Maybe you should sit down."

GrrArrgh sat on the kitchen table, stunned at the Spyder's response.

"Okay. So, I know you want me to be a fighter. I like fighting, really. It's cool to meet all those other Petpets. However, I've been thinking of my future. I'll never be a great fighter like you. I know you're going to be mad, but...well, I've been..." Mutant Enemy took a breath. "...baking."

Stunned to the point of silence, GrrArrgh sat blankly on the table, analyzing his Spyder's response. All the training...for what? Making cupcakes? He looked at his Petpet, standing there looking proud of himself. Proud. He'd never seen that side of Mutant Enemy before. The Spyder opened his mouth to speak, but the Jetsam held up his fin. "M.E., I'm more surprised than angry. However, I see now that I spent too much time worrying about what I wanted, and not what you really wanted."

Mutant Enemy reached into the cookie jar and pulled out a Chokato cream cake he'd made the night before. He handed it to GrrArrgh, who took a bite.

The Jetsam chewed, stopped, and smiled...exposing row upon row of razor sharp teeth. "Mutant Enemy," he said, "I'm proud of you for being strong about what you believe in. Maybe this afternoon, we'll stop by the bakery and see about getting you a part-time job."

Mutant Enemy crawled onto his owner's dorsal fin and gave him a huge hug. As they headed out the door to the Marketplace, the pair had a new spring in their step. It seemed like the truth turned out not to be so bad after all.

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