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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Terrox
Owner: newcomix
Pet: Koijuro
Breed: Gallion

About Terrox:

*Koijuro waves* "Hi! I'm over here!" He smiles joyfully and continues, "I knew you were coming to see my petpet, he just went off somewhere, let me get him." Koijuro runs off and after a few seconds comes running back with a Pirate Gallion running after him.

Proudly Koijuro shows his pretty Gallion who is standing a couple of yards from us. "Isn't he cool? Well Terrox come on! Come here boy......"

Terrox is tilting his head but doesn't look like he wants to come.

Koijuro looks a bit nervously "Err, well he's always like that, he's a bit stubborn.. sorry bout that. COME ON TERROX!" Terrox sits down and watches the sky. Koijuro rolls his eyes and begins to shout "Arrr, ye dog, get yer lousy tail oer here or ill let ye walk the plank!"

Happily Terrox comes running to Koijuro.

"Ahoy Cap'n, what yer yellin' for eh? I'm no deaf to me ears!" Terrox spins around, hops from one paw to the other, look up down and then notices you.

"Arrr, who's this lass? Tis a bloody landlubber i tell ye!" Koijuro gives Terrox a disdaining look. Koijuro wispers "They want to see what a special kind of petpet you are." Terrox leaps up. "Shiver me timbers! Aye! I am me hearties! Let me tell ye me long-lost tale 'bout a Scourge of the seven seas, the Terask."

Terrox looks around as if he's being watched. "Aye, ye might not know but Gallions are related to the ol' scallywag."

"You're not sure about that Terrox.." Koijuro says with skepticism.

"Blimey! But i am! Seems there loads of scurvy Terasks who are ancien' forfathers o' Gallions."

Terrox looks like he's dead serious.

Koijuro shakes his head. "Maybe you should tell them a bit about your real Gallion family?"

"Arrr, alrighty then" Terrox thinks hard and continues "Me thinks there like a half dozen o' us in these waters. There's me older brother Teax a mighty Red Gallion, that ol' sea dog is pillaging with Djynx his Cap'n. Then there's Revirax a rare gem on the deck, he's as white as a ghost! There's also the blaggard of the family which is Amok the Black Gallion, thats a real son of a biscuit eater."

"He's not evil or something Terrox..." Koijuro says.

"Nay well, i just don' trust the lad. And then there the two youngest lassies left. I don' know their names.. i never see the sprogs anyway. And there's I ofcourse!"

"I used to sail the waters of the briny deep. I was a real swashbucklin' cap'n but one day i was nearly gallows meat 'cause some mutineers had taken me booty and marooned me on a dreaded island! Luckily Koijuro an' his hands found me on thats cursed isle an' we became best buckos!"

Koijuro rolls his eyes again "Sure Terrox... that's indeed the *ahum* truth. I most certainly not took you to the rainbow pool and painted you there... noooo.. Me and my pirates saved you.. yes ofcourse."

"Avast! Where's is me bucko!" Terrox jumps up and looks around. "Who?" Koijuro replies. "Bucko!Me Matey!" Terrox scratches his head. "There's the lad!" A tiny Zytch is crawling out of Terrox manes. "Lil' Bucko here is me bestest matey ever!"

"Awww i thought i as your bestest matey..." Koijuro pouts.. Terrox jumps at Koijuro "Aww don' hang the jib. No dog can beat ye, yer the bestest of the bestest Cap'n ever!!!!!!" *hugs*

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