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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Xalina
Owner: mystics_magic
Pet: Mimiskitari
Breed: Faellie

About Xalina:

Greetings fellow neopians, my name is Mimi and today, my Faellie, Xalina and I would like to share our sad story, but with a happy end, of how we met, became friends and learned many important friendship values to you.

It was a chilly, snowing Monday, I accompanied my mum to the neopian market to restock our breakfast supplies, but little did I know that fateful day, my life was going to change forever.

Usually, I would just tag along while my mum shopped for groceries. However that day, I made an exception. A few days back, I twisted my ankle and wasn't in the best of walking conditions so my mum allowed me to take a rest by the bench and help to carry the groceries later on.

Though I hated shopping, sitting by the bench doing nothing wasn't much fun either. I tried amusing myself by making a palm-sized snowman; from the snow I was trying gathered. But no sooner had the snow reached my hand, it melted. Finally, tired and frustrated with the snowman making, I decided to take a nap and was almost going to fall asleep when I felt a tug in my pockets. I shot up like a fire arrow! I thought someone had stolen the 150nps my mum left with me before she left, but much to my relief it was just a sad, droopy-looking Faellie, desperately searching for food.

I was about to shoo the Faellie off me when I noticed how enchanting it's sad eyes were, how could I bear to chase it away when it's just an innocent little thing looking for food? I decided to be kind, which was very unlikely for a very grumpy me and bought the poor Faellie some food with the little neopoints I had.

After gobbling up the very last of the omelette like it hadn't eaten for a month, for some strange reason, it started following me around! I wasn't used to it at first, but slowly, I realized that that little Faellie was actually wanted to become my friend. Whenever I told her something, she would nod or give out little squeals, she was like my personal confidant, listening to whatever I told her, even if it wasnt pleasant, she would still try to look amused.

Eventually, I persuaded my mum to let me take my new best friend home. Xalina was what I named her. We had many adventures together and would help each other out in times of need! I was glad I had met such a wonderful friend like her.

Though her appearance remains sad and droopy looking, but her personality is completely opposite from what she looks! In fact, she is very impish and naughty, always playing tricks on me and we have lots of fun together!

Friends are forever, and so is Xalina. I thank you for your time in listening to what we have to say! Xalina and I wish all neopians; neopets and petpets smooth sailing all the way!

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