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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Flitz
Owner: richnangela005
Pet: jimbo12345
Breed: Snarhook

About Flitz:

"-Beep-beep-beep-" the alarm clock! My brain tries to tell me to get up and turn it off, I try to open my eyes but I'm to tired, so I drift off to sleep, back into my dreamland...

....."Where are you?" I yelled, "Flitz, FLITZ!!" Ohh no, I thought, how could I lose you in such a short while. Angela is going to wonder where you are, I can just imagine her walking in asking... "Where's Flitz?"

"... Umm... playing hide and seek?" I might reply, or "dunno?" I stood up and began looking for him immediately. "Flitz? Where are you..." I said allowed. I walked over to the bed in which Flitz usually sleeps and I saw a note scratched on a piece of paper, that read:

I took him, HAHAHA- The Phant Devil.

I sat down and started crying, and complaining, "HOW COULD YOU!! My new Maraquan Snarhook. That Phant Devil" -Sniff- "just took him from me!!" I stood up with firm resolve to find this Phant Devil. I knew what he looked like because of the pictures of him in the newspaper, but I had no idea where else I might find him.

I silently left the Neohome trying not to wake anyone else. I ran out to the street looking everywhere, under the mail box, behind the garden gnomes, up the rose tree, and everywhere I looked I found nothing. I sat down in despair contemplating what next to do when I noticed some intriguing marks on the ground in the pathway. I noticed there were little scrapes, and lines, I tried to imagine what they could be, when it hit me, FLITZS' TENTACLES!! I jumped up and looked all around for more signs but found only a few, I tried to figure out where they lead but they disappeared after only a few steps.

Being a Uni I don't often use my nose to sniff trails but I decided why not try to now? I took to my nose and found that the scent was in the air not the ground, that this Phant Devil flew! That is how he gets away with out a trace! Boy, I thought, Judge Hog be happy to learn this!

Running as fast as I could catching the Phant Devils sent, I took to the air when I soon realized he was leaving the area, heading somewhere else, but where? I was going as fast as I could when suddenly the trail ended, and I was somewhere over the Haunted Woods, I began getting nervous. I knew it was very dangerous to be out in this part of the world at night, but I HAD to find Flitz!

I was flying through the dark sky, just above the trees when a Daragain Korbat ran right into me! I screamed, and we landed in a tangled mess on the ground. He started snarling at me, and he jumped on me trying to fight, I tried to get away, but he covered my eyes with his wing, I tried to run but I could not, I was paralyzed, fighting with all my strength... sorry Flitz I thought...

"-Beep-beep-beep-" The alarm... "Ggruuph -- OOW!" I rolled off my bed and onto the floor tangled up in my blanket. I feel something pushing my arm up, I look down and it's Flitz! I smiled and hugged him!

"It was all a dream," I muttered, "It was all a dream..."

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