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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Princess
Owner: reissue
Pet: Charim
Breed: Mortog

About Princess:

There are some things that must be confessed. My name is Princess. I am a mortog. A male mortog. I have been the captive of one "Charim" for quite a while, and now it is time that the truth was known. As with most mortogs I was born in the swamps of Meridell, amongst the beautiful flowers and foliage that the kingdom is famous for. Don't look so suprised, we mortogs do appreciate more than a tasty moffit! Now, I was minding my own business, admiring a blooming lilly when I spotted a royal party trotting down the banks from the palace. Quite a few silly princesses seem to believe that if they kiss a mortog, a charming prince will appear in it's place and they will have a nice alternative to the suitors their parents are negotiating with. Unfortunately, very few mortogs are magical in this way and for a regular mortog such as myself, the result of a kiss could be disastrous! Ever wonder how they made Mortog Serum? Ka-Pow! Now, seeing this assortment of corset clad ladies approaching, my brothers and I lept into the murky depths of the lake, hoping to avoid explosion. How was I to know that another royal was hiding just beneath the surface?!

I'd never seen such disregard for fine linen in my life but lucky for me this acara seemed to have no interest in puckering up. Instead, he grabbed me by my hind leg and waggled me in front of the horrified princesses, scaring them half to death. Seeing his mud drenched coat and wild-eyed expression I thought this little acara might be my ticket to a smooch-free-life and let him capture me in his knapsack and carry me back to his palace. Big mistake!

I should have known there was something off when a well-bred young neopet finds himself flouncing about in the mud on a bright Spring morning but there was no knowing just how eccentric my new owner surely was. It wasn't long before I learned that the "young master" was completely unhinged. Of course, with enough money and influence, even the most senseless actions can be overlooked as charming and his affluent family ensured that even his deranged comments and outlandish behavior were tolerated if not praised throughout the kingdom. A neopoint may not carry much weight but a million can force a few smiles.

I was announced to young Charim's family as "Princess," his "betrothed." I need not explain the look of perplexed horror that swept across his parent's faces as he proceeded to place me atop his place setting and had the feast proclaimed my "throne." A tiara was fashioned out of marrow cream and peas and my fate was sealed. Of course, he soon gave up the idea of our being affianced, however, in his delusions, I remained "Princess" and stories of my arrival, which began relatively accurate, soon blossomed into a tall tale about transforming his 'little sister' into a mortog with a kiss and before long he had convinced himself that this had actually taken place. It mattered not that his peers all knew that he had never had a sister but only that their respective parents had insisted they befriend this strange acara and that the story was entertaining enough to hear multiple times over as the important details would keep changing.

You can imagine the taunting this earned me amongst my fellow mortogs and one particularly prominent pink kadoatie. I soon became known as "her highness" and I scarcely left Charim's chambers without his escort to avoid mockery. Being so easily accessible to the young master, he would often carry me along to important social occasions such as parties and banquettes and on visiting trips to other kingdoms with his parents. It was in this way that I was able to see much of Neopia and meet a wide assortment of Neopets and their petpets. Of course, despite my quiet social graces and diplomatic immunity, my presence was most often met with scorn or with departure. I can only attribute this to my appearance in such places as toiletries, dessert trays, and fine silk tapestries. It was after such disgrace that I dismissed myself into the courtyard of a prominant Brightvalian family. On this occasion, one of Charims' most frequent associates was dolling over him in a condescending fashion and that poor nutty acara knew not what she was doing and looked rather uneasy under his faux fur coat. The opposition, a noble female acara of about the same age was pestering him about his britches which she deemed "more befitting a slumber party" than her "high profile luncheon." Sensing his distress, I hopped back into the room and, without thinking, leapt onto her finely-pressed gown and smeared her with the infamous slime of my species, thereby staining her dress and ruining any leverage she had over my owner. This small act delighted little Charim and the gleeful smile that spread across his face was worth all the chastising and embarrassment I had endured thus far.

You asked why I might be considered for a petpet spotlight and it is not because of what I have seen, who I have met, or all that I have endured, but because of my ability to bring a heartfelt smile to the face of my owner -- a feat that all petpets strive towards. Well, that and it would be nice to have an honorary title besides "her highness."

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