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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Merlin
Owner: annipanni47
Pet: Claauudia
Breed: Mazzew

About Merlin:

I've known Merlin for almost a month now. It seams like just yesterday I found him walking all by him self in a crowded shop. Nobody seemed to like him, everyone thought he was chubby and ugly, just an ordinary little Mazzew. The others picked on him and teased him that poor innocent little creature. I could not just leave him there he looked so sad. My friend Kyoko insisted that I'd take a cute little Miamouse home. "Don't care about that Mazzew, it's pathetic" Kyoko said. She's probably right, I thought. I took the little Miamouse and carried it to the counter.

"Good choice, Miamouses are very peaceful and friendly. That'll be 16k, please" said the man at the check out counter. I heard a little tripping noise as I was looking for my wallet. I turned and there he was! The cute little Mazzew! He looked at me with his big blue eyes and without realizing a big smile appeared on my face.

"Sorry, I changed my mind, I'll have the Mazzew instead" I said.

"The Mazzew? Alright it's your choice, you don't have to pay me anything, I don't want it." He said. On the way home Kyoko and I were thinking about a name for him. Even Kyoko found a soft spot for the Mazzew.

As we walked past the library the Mazzew tried to say "library" but it came out as "Abrakadabra". Kyoko and I laughed and laughed.

"I know! You should call him Merlin after the wizard!" Kyoko practically shouted. I thought it was a great idea. When I came home my friend Neovira ran and opened the door.

"Which one did you get?!" She shouted. I picked up my new friend Merlin and showed him with great pride to Neovira. She looked at him for what felt to me as two hundred years. Then she clapped her hands together and smiled broadly.

"It's adorable!" she said. Then she grabbed Melin and ran upstairs. Kyoko and I looked at each other with huge question marks on our faces.

"Better see what she's up too." Kyoko said.

We walked up the stairs; those stairs are a rough climb for an elephant you know. When we came into Neovira's room she was grooming Merlin and putting a princess dress on him.

"Neovira! Merlin is a boy, he doesn't want to be dressed in a princess dress!" Kyoko shouted. Neovira looked shocked and angry.

"What! A boy? But I wanted a girl!" She screamed as she grabbed Merlin and threw him in the air. Luckily I managed to catch him. As she walked out the door she muttered: "You're useless."

Neovira's words hurt my poor little Mazzew so deeply that he cried. How could she hurt my new friend? The next morning I decided to introduce Merlin to Neovira's and Kyoko's petpets, princess and Sng. Merlin enjoyed their company; he even showed them some of his magic tricks. He could do all kinds of tricks; take a Hopso out of a hat, make petpets disappear etc. One morning, as Merlin was having one of his shows, Neovira happened to walk by. She looked at him and saw how talented and cute he was. Since that day everyone has liked my little Merlin. As I look back at the time when no one believed in him I know that Merlin isn't just an ordinary Mazzew he's extra special.

He's Merlin the wizard.

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