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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Camilla
Owner: sondok_
Pet: Hannah_Nannie
Breed: Harris

About Camilla:

As you file into the rows of seats in in front of the stage, You wonder where the lucky winner of PetPet Spotlight is. Then, you hear a faint whistling. You turn around, to tell the person behind you to stop it, They apologize. Then, It starts again. But Its not coming from behind. You look up, along with the rest of the audience. A tiny speck appears. No, it's two specks! Now they're dots, a blue and a green one! Ahh! Duck! The shoyru and... Christmas Harris? The pair swoop low over the crowd, and land on the stage. Then, you see the jet pack on the little harris. Still confused?

~|How Camilla Came to Hannah_Nannie|~

A small harris sat on the self of some eccentric neopians mall, looking wistfully at the buzzers and faelies. Oh, how it wished to fly like the fortunate ones with wings. But there was no time to think of that now. The harris put on its routine smile, for a possible owner-to-be was coming down the isle. Hannah_Nannie, a christmas shoyru, picked the harris right off the shelf immediately. 'I want this one Mum!' She said to a tall girl with thick, brown hair. She nodded in approval, and the shoyru squealed up to the counter, paid for her pet, and flew home, the girl running as fast as she could to keep up with her pet.

~|How Camilla Was Painted, and Became Neopia's only Aviational Christmas Harris|~

Days after being brought home, Hannah noticed that her pet was unusually gloomy. She pointed this out to me, and we went down to the petpet shop to have Camilla looked over. The usul examined Hannah's petpet all over, and once again. She recommended getting her painted, so we went down to the petpet puddle to pick out a color. Another bout of squeals greeted the christmas showcase, so I withdrew the neopoints, and we got the brush. Afterwards, however although Camilla was a good deal happier, I noticed her looking thoughtfully at the flock of Beekadoodle that had taken residence in our garden. I also noticed how much happier she was after a ride in the sky with hannah. That's when it clicked. I went up to the virtupets station while Hannah was at the lodge one day, and had a small jet-pack specially ordered. That day, when the inseparable pair came home, I presented Camilla with her new toy. I showed her how to operate it, and within five minutes, a little blue comet was whizzing gleefully throughout our home.

~|Why Camilla Deserves The PetPet Spotlight Award|~

What Camilla Said/Did: Camilla wiggles its ears.

What Hannah Translated: 'I think I deserve the Petpet Spotlight, because my lovely and kind owner despite her evil and vicious owner making her take baths, has trained me to do many tricks, taught me why you should never fly with your mouth open, and I am all around a very cultured harris.'

Hannah_Nannie and her air-born harris take a bow to the thunderous applause of the audience, and fly off the stage, hand-in-hand, towards the sunny hills of Meridell.

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