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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: .Lou.
Owner: galadrial339
Pet: Neon_Verde
Breed: Spardel

About .Lou.:

Hey, this is Neon_Verde speaking, your average every-day Glowing Gelert. Its true you dont see many Glowing Gelerts around these days, but I bet you won't ever see one with a petpet as special as mine.

It all began when I was still little, and when I received my first petpet. I've gone through many petpets since then, as have my siblings. And since I was painted Glowing, there weren't many neopoints to go around back then. I was originally bunked with a normal Warf, which galadrial339 got off the Neopets Fruit Machine. It wasn't the most exciting pet, and my endless energy and outgoing ways eventually drove the lazy thing crazy. Because, I am quite the active Gelert. So, we sold that, and I moved on to a different petpet, blah blah blah. Yep, life can be really dull if you get stuck with the wrong petpet. So heres a word of advice to all those soon-to-be petpet owners: nag your owners until they get the petpet you've personally chosen.

So, life went on, and as I sold my old petpet (for a more 'sophisticated petpet' as galadrial339 says), a tiny Miamouse, life seemed to be even more dull. We all thought it would be great to get one at the time, but let me tell you, it wasn't such a great idea after a week or so of having it. I often caught myself staring in envy at my older siblings and their petpets, and then I would remember my little squeaking Miamouse. They're great if you like cute little furry things, but I think I'm more of a tom-boyish Neopet. Yes, I use to go to the Rainbow Pool every week, and stare at all the appealing petpets that were brought to the Petpet Puddle. A particularily large green Ganuthor once caught my eye, but after checking the price with the Shop Wizard, I turned on my heel and skateboarded home. For the next week and a half, I didn't return to my perch by the Rainbow Pool, instead I stayed home, flipping through a catalog of all the petpets and their colours. I had decided it was time to stop watching and observing, and to take action. I flipped and flipped for many a night, and finally I found my match. It seemed to me that if I worked really hard, I would be able to get a Cyodrake. I confronted my owner, galadrial339. But with one look at the pricetag she turned my idea down. I was very under for the next few weeks, until one memberable day in Happy Valley.

I was on a short walk with Gamarai, my brother, because he wanted to check out the Snowager's cave. We were heading to the path that lead to the Ice Caves when I tripped on something, and just blacked out.

A day later, I awoke in the NeoHospital, with a huge throbbing pain on my temple, and something blury laying upside-down on my bedsheets. My vision quickly cleared, and I stared in painful amzement at the Christmas Spardel that lay there, upside-down. My own green eyes instantly locked with its own splendid green eyes, and I picked it up and cryed, half because it's head wacked my sore spot, and half because a little tag on its scarf read: To Neo.

Apparently, Lou, (which is what I named my little Spardel) had been abandoned, but was to shocked, cold and dumb to move. He had been there in the snow for some hours, and the snow had gathered around him, which is why I tripped on him. My head had hit a rock, and was knocked unconcious. But it was all worth it, because now I have the perfect petpet, Lou.

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