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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Aliea
Owner: billzgrl101
Pet: cRzTaL_hEaRt
Breed: Tenna

About Aliea:

It was New Years Eve going into new years dat the times was around 12:00a.m NST when all the fire works went off, they were comming from Kreldour and The Space Station. Crztal_Heart was sitting on a seat with her buddies watching the fire works and in the sky she saw a big shooting star, immdeatly she made a wish. Her wish was for a petpet, because she was the only one with out one. She would sit there and watch everyone else play with there petpets and she would not have one, that is when her owner had to do something. As she sat there thinking she picked up a small noise. That small noise was comming from a box that her owner billzgrl101 gave her. Crztal_heart opened it quickly and a little creature popped out, it was Tenna. Tenna looked at her and made a little smile, and made a noise again. Crztal_heart was thrilled she finnally got a friend that would stay with her. Thrilled to death she picked up Tenna with no hesitation and hugged her. Crztal_heart named her immideatly that name was Aliea. Crztal_heart always wanted a bizzare name for her petpet and she got it with no hassle from her owner because, her owner wanted whats best for her.

Aliea is very energetic. Crztal_heart and her play all the time. Crztal_Heart taught Aliea three wonderful tricks, when crztal_heart twitches her ears Aliea glows. The other trick is when Crztal_heart claps three times Aliea flipps and smiles. Aliea's last trick is when Crztal_heart growls Aliea's antenna sparks, she clamps her teeth and growls back. This is a sign of how Alia and Crztal_heart bonded so well. Aliea is always there for crztal_heart, like when crztal_heart is sad Aliea will go over to Crztal_heart and lick her, this makes crztal_heart all happy again. Aliea and Crztal_heart always stay together they have never sepertated ever since they met. Aliea also tried to do tricks since crztal_heart has her ears to comunicate with other aishas Aliea tries the same but she has never succeeded. Everytime Aliea tries to communicate she makes funny face and thats makes Crztal_heart laugh. This confuses Aliea but Crztal_heart holds Aliea in her arms and Aliea cheers up.

Aliea and crztal heart a very close nothing could harm Aliea and no one could harm crztal_heart beacuse there bond is unstopable. Since crztal_heart has strength with her mystic powers, Aliea is no push-over either,if anything tried to harm crztal_heart Aliea would be right there, and Aliea may look cute but she has some powerful chompers and if she is really angry she will give off a spark from her antenna that can do some damage to an enemy. Thogh Aliea may seem tough she would never go again Crztal_heart thats what makes her who she is. Aliea is a good petpet and she is and always will be crztal_heart's number one companion. Thats why their owner billzgrl101 will never ever sepereate them.

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