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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Felana
Owner: langdow
Pet: Xretaul
Breed: Puppyblew

About Felana:

A plushie zafara carrying a plain-looking puppyblew walked onto the stage. "Uh.." began the zafara. "This is Felana, my puppyblew. Um.. I know she looks kinda plain, but she.. uh.. is really special." The zafara smiled, and then put Felana down. She started to bark. Then she ran around the stage, still barking. The zafara beamed at her, and said, "And I'm Xretaul."

Felana stopped barking for a moment. Then she started to whimper. Xretaul raised a paw. "Excuse me for a moment," he said. Then he ran over to Felana. Xretaul looked around in her fur and then picked something out of it. He held the thing he picked out in his paw. Then he said to whatever it was, "Taiikika the Moach, you stop bugging Felana right now." Then he put the thing back onto Felana. Xretaul looked up. "Uh.. sorry about that," he said. He padded back up front.

"So, about Felana," Xretaul continued. "Even though she's a plain puppyblew color, she's better off then most puppyblews. Felana has her own petpetpet, a Moach named Taiikika. We all call her Tai, but when she's bad, Tai gets called by her full name." Felana came over to Xretaul and sat down next to him. Xretaul put his front paws on her head .(carefully checking for Tai first) Then he said, "Actually, she isn't a plain puppyblew color. Only her mouth and nose is surrounded by white, and she has a whiter stomach than most puppyblews. Her ears, paw tips, and tail tips are dark gray."

Felana wiggled her tail a bit, and Xretaul nodded. "I actually don't consider Felana to be a normal puppyblew color. I consider her to be a spotted puppyblew. Her fur is covered in blue spots. You should see her out in the snow!" Felana barked and Xretaul laughed. "But really, I think Felana needs a bit of a change. Maybe later she'll be an island puppyblew." Xretaul picked Felana up and placed her over on the other side of the stage. Then he barked and Felana froze. Xretaul walked back to the front of the stage and said, "I'm now going to show you how special Felana is."

Xretaul barked again, and Felana shook her head. (being careful not to knock Tai out of her fur) Xretaul rolled a purple petpet ball to her. When it reached Felana, she sniffed it, and then wagged her tail happily. She sunk her little puppyblew teeth into the ball and then threw it up in the air. A little green dot appeared on Felana's head. (Tai) The dot jumped off Felana just before the ball landed on her. Then, standing on her hind paws, Felana walked over to Xretaul balancing the ball on her head. Xretaul barked, and Felana rolled over. The ball landed between her front paws. Xretaul barked and Felana dropped the ball.

Xretaul took out a hanging house plant. Felana sat down silently. Then Xretaul took out a purple petpet cushion. Xretaul barked and Felana started to lift up the pot the house plant was in. Carefully she set it down on the petpet cushion. Then Xretaul barked and Felana jumped into the pot. She reapeared between the ferns of the house plant. Xretaul barked once more. Felana jumped out and carefully lifted the house plant off the petpet cushion. Xretaul came over to Felana and barked one final time. Felana ran over to the green dot and it jumped back into her fur.

"Well," said Xretaul, "I guess that's it. That's my petpet spotlight. I hope you aren't thinking that Felana is plain, because that's not the case. She is indeed a special puppyblew." Felana barked. Xretaul beamed at her and picked her up. Then the pair left the stage.

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