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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Buttercup
Owner: beach_chick92
Pet: SirHoggs
Breed: Batterfly

About Buttercup:

[The Battle Rages on]

You walk into the petpet battledome in the darigan citadel and then you see it, the petpet of the century, the best of the best, its the one you have dreamed of, its Buttercup the Batterfly!

[The Excuisit Batterfly]

You say,"what on earth is a batterfly?" Well let me explain Batterflys are cute little creatures from the haunted woods and are classified as spookey petpets and mine is the best one there is.

[Best Friends Forever]

My petpet and moehog are the best of buds, the fight in the battle dome together and my petpet fights in the petpet battledome with my moehog always there to cheer her on.

[How it Happened]

So you want to know more then my petpet was retrieved on the 28th day of hidding year six, but then you wonder how can your petpet be weekly spotlight winner if you've only just got her? Well I'll tell you why, Everything I did on the computer for the whole day was to make my petpet and neopet happy and I think my pets happieness rank shot off the charts that day and my petpet said: After being in a shop for so long I'm truly glad the nicest owner on neopets came to rescue me.(That was translated from a screech screech bite moan)


Now as you may have noticed batterflys aren't that popular and I don't belive can be painted so if you do get one then it will stay purple for a long while.

[Why she should win the pet spotlight]

Now I'm sure your wondering; why should some stupid, dum, pointless batterfly win the pet spotlight we'll here is why; not only she is kind in her unique screeching way but she is also very protective, something every neopet needs a petpet to have, she would jump up and give monochroaus a piece of her mind if he tried to eat sirhoggs so if your jubjub ever needs a protector get a batterfly!

[The story from the Hog]

Sirhoggs: I was lonely for a very long time until my gernerous owner bought me a batterfly. At first I didn't know these existed but now I wonder how I ever lived with out them. My batterfly keeps me company constantly and I am thinking of getting my owner to build it it's own room. Infact a ghost stole some neopoints and my wonderful buttercup chased him down and got the neopoints back, what more could you ask for in a neopet?

[Why I want to be Petpet Spotlight Winner]

Buttercup: Screech Sreech Bite moan *begins to walk around room with its arms out streatched*

Translation: I have always dreamed of being a petpet spotlight winner, I watched for a long time the neo petpets being bought from the shop and then winning the spotlight awards with they're excuisit awards and painted colors, I sat there and then on the 28th day in the month of hidding year six it happened, beach_chick92 came to the shop and bought me and I knew from then on it was destiny for me to be special. Now I only hope that my long lasting dreams will come true.

[The End]

Anyways, My petpet and pet thank you for listening and they hope that my pets newest best friend wins this Petpet Weekly Spolight!

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