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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Sam
Owner: richnangela005
Pet: Bus405
Breed: Turtmid

About Sam:

'Come one everybody!' I hear my owner yell, her name is richnangela005, but we pets all call her Angela. Let me introduce all of us to you, there are four of us, pets that is. The first is a Starry Kougra, and his petpet Silver the Snow Niptor, then there's the newest edition to our family, Jimbo12345 and his Mazzew named NightFox. After that there is ExtremeGelert126 the Grey Grundo, and his petpet Bageirha the Grey Gruslen and his petpetpet the Zytch! Next comes me, the Striped Cybunny, my name is bus405, and I have a Turtmid named Sam. That's who I am going to tell you about my very cute petpet!

Out we all run out the door like a giant herd of elephantes, and we all walk in a group to visit our favorite places. First we visit the healing springs, I love that place the faerie there is so nice and generous! After that it's off to spin every wheel we can, then we walk around Mystery Island, it is one of our favorite places to visit. It's always bustling with tourists and there are so many wonderful smells in the air. I can always smell the fresh fruit, and then when u walk by Techo Mountain there is an odd fresh backed bread smell, then the smell of the ocean in my nose makes me really want to go visit Krawk Island; a true sailors cove. Angela seldom lets us go there because she says it is dangerous, sometimes I sneak on over to smugglers cove, but don't tell her!

After we go all over Neopia we usually end up in Neopian Central, from there we pick our favorite place, in the most chaotic way possible.

'Mystery island' 'NO Haunted woods!' 'No no the space station!!' Finally I add 'LOST DESERT LOST DESERT!!' I jump up and down excitedly screaming this over and over again.

'All right' laughed Angela 'Bus you win this time you little rascal' after Angela ruffled the fur on my head we took off toward the Lost Desert! This has become one of my most favorite places to visit. I usually find some doubloons or SOMETHING really cool.

'Where do you want to eat at guys?' Angela asked. I did not answer because I was to busy looking for things in the sand. I was walking with my nose to the ground trying to keep up with everyone when all the sudden I ran right into a pyramid! I was so shocked I just stared at it. Then all the sudden it started to move, and I was staring at it when it turned its eyes up at me and stared back.

'EEEEK!!' I ran screaming back to Angela's heels and tugged her pants screaming, 'LOOK WHAT I FOUND!! It's so scary! It has huge eyes, and a big scary pointy body!!!' everyone ran over to see what it was, and when I looked at it a second time it wasn't to scary looking. 'Aww it's so cute! I wonder what it is' Angela cooed. Jimbo12345 piped up at this point and said 'I believe it is a Turtmid' we all turned around and said 'How do you know?' almost in unison. 'Haven't you guys read the newspaper recently? It has been newly discovered over here in the lost desert' then he continued more to himself 'Never thought I'd actually see one...'

I walked slowly over to it and then touched it. It pulled its body into it's shell as fast as it could, and it took a while for it to decide to come out again. I then told it my name and that I was glad I could find him, because I find lots of things; and that he'd be my new petpet! 'Your name is going to be Sam, Sam the Turtmid!' I declared as much to him as everyone else listening. I'm not sure if he liked the idea or being my petpet at first or not, but he seems to have taken with me, because he won't leave my side now for a second!

We now are an inseparable team, and we go to the Lost Desert more often now, because Angela likes to find stuff almost as much as I do! So far we have found an entire handful of dubloons, and a lot of fruit lying on the floor. One day we even found a yellow paintbrush!

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