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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: buzzy
Owner: pinopongbal
Pet: Sandgro
Breed: Buzzer

About buzzy:

Buzzy was loved by everyone. Sandrgo treated him well and he was very happy with his buzzer; buzzy.

But he could not stand the sound, the bzzzz made him mad! But buzzy could not help it. Sandgro tried to live with the sound, but it didn't workt out.

He didn't want to sell buzzer or let him free and he was desperate.

Last year, it was snowing outside, Buzzer and Sandgro were playing in the snow. They were throwing snowballs to each other. Sandgro accidentally had hitten buzzy, but they couldn't get te snow off.

Sandgro was starting to freaking out !!!

He went as quiqly as he could to the petpethospital with buzzy and they said it was a miracle!

Buzzy turned in a SNOW BUZZER!

Sandgro was happy with his snow buzzer and loved him more then ever! And guess what, because buzzy is made of snow, he can't bzzz so loud as before!

Now everything was just perfect!

Sandgro started to buy a lot of snow food for Buzzy so he wouldn't be hungry at all!

But then another problem came, SPRING WAS COMING UP!

Buzzy started melting , so Sandgro had to put him in the fridge. Buzzy was really sad, he didn't liked the fridge it was so lonely in there.

Sandgro decoreted the fridge so buzzy would have a nice home but that didn't helped much.

Buzzy felt lonely and needed a friend, Sandgro wanted to buy him a female snow buzzer, but he could not find any =( He tried to solve the problem at so many ways but it all didn't worked. He was desperate again.

But then the idea came! The ice-skating rink ! He went every week with Buzzy to the rink and they both enjoyed that! Buzzy felt much and much better then before and Sandgro too!

Now everything was perfect (again)!

One day Sandgro went with Buzzy out to the ice-skating rink and they were skating very nicely, Buzzy was flying and Sandgro was skating.

All the other pets with snow petpets really thougt it was a perfect idea and they started to bring their pets to the ice-skating rink!

The rumor started and a week later all the snow petpets where there! Buzzy made a lot of new friends and Sandgro to! They went more and more and more, they really loved it!

Summer went by and everything was still very normal. Only that the snow food was a lot expensiver then before !

Then autumn came and Buzzy went out sometimes, wen the weather was cold, but they spended a lot of time in the ice-skating rink to!

Then winter came Buzzy went out every day! Never that cold fridge again! But then the day came: Buzzy's birthday! He invited all his friends of the ice-skating and he had the best party of all!!

They have eaten snow cake, snow sandwiches, snow fruit, snow carrots, ... And for the ones who where not painted snow there was normal fruit too offcourse!

Buzzy and his friends played in the snow and they were laughing and cheering! What a great time !

So that was the whole history of the petpet named: BUZZER and his boss Sandgro!

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