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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Dandelion
Owner: gelert548
Pet Name: jeweliana_101
Breed: Dandan

About Dandelion:
So, you wanna know about me, eh? Well, I, for one, have the glossiest red coat you have ever seen in your whole Neopian life. I got a pair of beautiful, black ears and adorable beige markings that you simply cannot resist! And another thing, I own the nicest pet(my owner!) that every Petpet in the world would be envious of.

Right now, you would be thinking "This handsome Dandan seems like he's Supreme Ruler of the Universe!"

No, no, no. I am more of 'The High Power of the House in 533040 Cairn Close, Neopia Central'. Catchy, eh?

Before this, I was just a poor little petpet in a horrible, stuffy shop. The last person to ever step in there went 6 years ago, and I don't think I have ever been born in that time! I got my story from my very wise (and very charming!) grandfather.

Ahem, anyway, I was trapped in a tiny, narrow cage. It was big and wide actually, but if you have to share it with 10 other petpets, it's amazing how your mind goes backwards. The only thing I ever do over there is eat and sleep; the others were too busy stuffing themselves up with Petpet Crackers or whatever that foul stuff is.

My call was answered when a strange, young man came into the store. The shopkeeper was busying him at the other side of the shop. Funny, half of the petpets I was with were beginning to grow white hair on their pelts, and the shopkeeper was more intend on selling the younger ones. But the man was more willing to go my side of the shop, and guess who he saw; ME! Yes, me! I must be so 'kawaii' enough to attract his attention!

And so, he bought me. I gave him my thanks by rubbing myself on his legs, but he wasn't paying attention.

We went off to this very weird place; full of palm trees and stuff. When we stopped at a place just like a bazaar, he picked me up and the next thing I knew, I was in another cage (this time, it's narrow and small, for REAL).

I waited what seemed like days, until I met my current owner. She got my attention one fine day (of course, with that rose-pink jacket of hers)and she was window-shopping at the stuff. I noticed she was much more likely to stop at a Petpet, and I figured "ZOMG! She wants a Petpet!".

I had myself in a different position (proud, tough, etc) while showing off my beautiful fur. I quite got her attention, because she stared at me the longest and she was prodding this brown-haired girl. No sooner than later had I cuddled into my lovely owner's arms.

And there's my story, ladies (and gents!). If you want to know more, I think you must be seriously bored enough. But haha, this is all for this Spotlight now.

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