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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Glookie
Owner: sweetie_me274
Pet Name: Karina364
Breed: Walein

About Glookie:
There – look! – right there. It’s…wait, what is it? Oh, it’s a Walein! You approach. The Walein clasps a paper in her mouth. Well, at least you think it’s a her.

You take the paper – it’s a tad bit wet, though – and watch the Walein burp out a few bubbles. Cute, yet disgusting. But mostly cute, you decide.

Then you look at the paper. The first line says:

“Glookie fires lots of bubbles out of its mouth!”

You look up, prepared to be hit by a stream of bubbles, but the Walein just smiles and looks around. Returning to the paper, the slowly cross your arms and shrug.

“Just kidding! She doesn’t, actually, but that’s what happens when I talk to her.”

Figures, you think.

“And I’m not just an omnipresent being. I’m actually Karina. And the cute Walein thing is my petpet. And I guess now I’m supposed to tell you why she should win petpet spotlight. And yes, she is a she. Glookie – that’s her name – it a girl Walein.”

You chuckle.

“I don’t know if Glookie should actually win this spotlight thing. But I was visiting a friend who had one of those shiny petpet spotlight trophies. And Glookie started to eat it, and I thought maybe it would be a good idea to try to win her one of her own.”

Looking up, you realize that the Walein – er, Glookie – seems to like shoelaces as much as trophies. You pull your foot away from her mouth. She pulls back, sweetly.

“She’s a real sweet and cute petpet. She rarely eats my stuff!”

You’re beginning to doubt that claim…but you keep reading.

“I try very hard to take care of her. She can be a handful sometimes. She loves to play! But honestly, I don’t mind. She’s great. Except for when she eats my books.”

You roll your eyes.

“Just kidding.”


“She’d be willing to tell you all this, I’m sure, except she can’t talk. She tries, the darling thing, but she’s never managed to speak. I don’t think Waleins actually can speak, though, so it’s not her fault in the slightest. It’s just that she’s unlucky, I suppose.”

You suppose.

“I mean, if she could talk, I bet she’d talk a lot. She’d get along great with my sisters. They like to talk a lot, too. I bet she could talk about herself better than I can. She’d probably win you over, and win herself a trophy. I bet she wouldn’t even blow spit bubbles, if she could only just talk instead.”

Oh really…

“Personally, I think Glookie is probably a tortured genius. I mean, look at her.”

You look at her.

“Isn’t she just bursting with potential?”

The Walein blows another spit bubble.

“If only she could talk. But why moan about what she can’t do? She can do lots of things – like play ball. It’s very fun to play ball with her. Oh, and she loves to swim! She loves to blow bubbles under water. She likes those bubbles even more then spit bubbles. Oh, and this one time…we snuck into the Rainbow Pool! Not to get painted, or anything. Just because the water’s so nice, and all. But I guess there must have been a little left over paint in the water, because all the way hope she was burping rainbow bubbles!”

You skeptically eye the Walein. Are you sure that last bubble wasn’t a pink one?

“I suppose any petpet that can blow rainbow bubbles might be worthy of a spotlight, and a nice trophy.”

You suppose, too.

“I’m not doing a very good job, but…well…look at her! Look at Glookie! She wants this so bad. She can blow colored bubbles. And she’s just so cute. Come on, don’t you feel inspired? I do.”

You do.

The letter ends.

You slowly walk away, off to wipe the drool off of your shoe.

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