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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Kanji
Owner: brittscythe4375
Pet Name: Otakooh
Breed: Peo

About Kanji:
'W-where am I? What...what happened?' Kanji thought fuzzily as he cracked his eyes.

The world Kanji opened his eyes to was not the one he remembered. He was surrounded in a place equally as gigantic as the sea he was used to, but this place was in direct exposure to the sunlight. He shook his tubelike snout in attempts to shake away the numbness of sleep and slowly remember what had happened.

The day began normally enough. As per routine, Kanji awoke from his slumber amidst the protective corals of the shallow sea bed after the cries of the Peadackles. After gathering a few morsels to eat, the rest of the day was his to enjoy; the life of a young Peo in the open sea was full of leisure and avoided the troubles the creatures on the land were often forced to deal with. Today, Kanji decided to swim closer to the warm surface with a school of graceful Soreen, but he did not realise the danger this put him in. As he and the Soreen played delightfully near the surface, the sun was suddenly shrouded by a great shadow. Mesh-like walls flew up around the school, causing panic, and finally Kanji found himself being heaved closer and closer to the surface with many of his Soreen friends.

Kanji's flashback ended when he noticed he was seemingly floating in midair, suspended over what resembled a bed of kelp. He raced toward the kelp, only to be stopped short by an invisible force field. The frustrated Peo recoiled and tried again to reach the only familiarity he knew since awakening, but his efforts gained him nothing more than a very painful bump on the head. Sore and angry, Kanji floated back against the other wall of the force field (which he now realised imprisoned him) and slumped until he noticed two forms walking across the kelp. The forms were becoming larger - were they coming to rescue him?

The two figures stopped, standing almost on top of Kanji. Looking up, Kanji noticed from the shaking of the water that the force field had an opening. Cautiously, the young Peo swam to the surface and poked his slightly swollen head out of the water. What he saw amazed him. Many of his Soreen friends and other types of creatures swam in round, invisible cages on the rocks stacked above him. The two giants, one young girl and a curiously red Peophin, were passing through the gallery of cages while seemingly searching for something.

"Help! HELP!" Kanji yelled as loudly as he could as he bouyed on the surface of the water.

"BLOOP! BLOOP!" The two giants' attention was quickly drawn to Kanji's bowl as the frustrated gurgles emanted from a bowl in the corner of the rock pool. Smiling, the Peophin looked at his owner. Both the Peophin and the owner realised at once that this little fellow could not speak their language, but he still needed a good home. The owner gently gathered up Kanji's invisible prison (which was later explained to be a bowl) and made the little Peo a part of their family. Kanji loved his new home; a giant aquarium awaited him and there were always new things to do.

Little did Kanji know that his life had just begun. Otakooh and his owner ran a small business they called the Omelette Kitchen, in which Otakooh worked to be the number one omelette connoisseur. Otakooh often sprinkled bits of omelette into Kanji's aquarium so that he could taste them, too. From there, Kanji moved from tasting to instructing in the Kitchen: he was appointed the Omelette Kitchen's official Toppings Inspector. While Otakooh and his owner could not quite understand his language, words were not needed to make some of the best-tasting omelettes Neopia had ever tasted.

Although he misses his home in the sea, Kanji would not trade his current home or family for anything else in the world.

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