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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Happy
Owner: fuzz_academy
Pet Name: Alec_X5493
Breed: Slorg

About Happy:
I'm Alec and I'm here to tell you about my petpet; Happy.

My mum and me had only been living in Neopia for awhile when she decided that we should get out and do some sight-seeing, so we started saving up all our neopoints. Mum said it was cheaper to take a boat and I was kind of glad because I have a fear of flying! We saved up all our neopoints and then, when bright morning mum woke me up. In her hand were two small brown suitcases. We took a city bus from our home in Neopia Central straight across to Kiko Lake. From there we hopped onto a ferry and scooted up past Brightvale and docked (rather late) at Meridell.

Because of the time we couldn’t see too much so we went straight to our motel. It was a little place, just squeezed in the middle of Ye Old Petpets and the Meri Foods
shop. Our room was small, only two beds and pretty picture of a flower hung on the wall.
The next morning mum brought us two bowls of gruel (hey, I’m a Kacheek, we live here in Meridell, it’s a required taste!) and then we started out on our tour.

We went through the Castle with a small group of young neopets and their owners, then up to see Illusen in her secret glade! Soon the tour-group dispersed and we were left to our own devices. After speaking to some locals, mum and me grabbed a can of soda out of our backpacks and headed off to Meridell Acres. This is were our story really beings.

After an hour counting potatoes, and then another four (we spent two in ‘Pick Your Own’ and another two because mum got lost!) I plucked up enough courage to see the fabled Garbage dump. Through the cans of lima beans, rotting banana peals and other unrecognizable junk I found a small, dark green lump of…something. Reaching one paw down to prod the strange little thing I saw a pair of eyes. ‘Mum! I found a slorg!” of course mum came running over. “A slorg? It’s a little far from home. They’re normally located around The Haunted Woods!”

The little slorg had suddenly woken up with all the excited gibbering going on. It rolled over and…and began to smile. I’ve never seen something so strange in my life. This little slorg was too dark for its species, and had a lot more spots then usual but despite this, he was smiling!

I don’t have to say that within those first three minutes the little slorg won over mum and me, and I really don’t have to say that we came home with us when we left Meridell and by now you should certainly know ‘Happy’ is living life up Neopia Central. I even built him his own little ‘slorg’ house and painted his name on in red!

When we got back home, mum paid 50neopoints to the PPA for Happy’s registration, and then we took him to the kind Chomby who runs the PetPet Furniture for his check-up. After getting a clean bill of health, mum registered him with the Neopia Slorg Club and although Happy can’t compete because of his lack of the breeds ‘standard’ he’s won over a lot of the judges hearts with his warm smile. He sure melt my heart!

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