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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Luna
Owner: teeenyneno
Pet Name: HermioneGrangerPaw
Breed: Nedler

About Luna:
Hi, I'm Granger. I am special; I am a cool (no pun intended) Ice pet! There is just one problem... It was hard for me to find just the right Petpet (I had a fire buzzer once; it didn't work out). I had to look for days! Let me tell you what happened...

Me and my owner, Neno, were talking about getting me a petpet at breakfast time. I looked over at my family. Pawter, the first pet, had a kind Mutant Faellie named Fang; Dayanna, the adopted pet, had a crazy Tyrannian Alkenore named Craze; And Mullet, the silly one, had a weird Gold Kookith named Roy. So here I was, the only one without a Petpet.
Later that same day, Neno took me to the Petpet shop in Neopia Central. I saw many kinds, but none for me. The Warfs were cute and all, but still, no.

My owner decided to look at the shops in places like Faerieland (I wish I could fly!), Haunted Woods (Creepy!), the Lost Desert (Which is now found, by the way),Mystery Island (Hula skirts don't do me), Meridell (Who decided dung was a berry?), Tyranna (Ugga, Ugg), Terror Mountain (My kind of place), Virtupets (Robots are NOT water-proof, no matter what your owner says), Altador (Yooyoo Ball, anyone?), and Shenkuu. (Floating boats? I don't think so. Invisible string is more like it.)Nothing.

Finally, we grabbed some space suits and went to Kreludor. (Wait... Something is not right about this place...)
“Neno? There is no Petpet shop on Kreludor.” I told her.
“No, but it would be cool to see that Meteor that my friend was talking about. She said it is mysterious!” explained Neno.
At the Meteor, we decided to poke it with a stick. I told her it would probably vanish like what happened to her friend.
“Okay, I'll poke it!” I called out anyway.
I poked it three times. The Meteor cracked; and there was a small, orange bundle of fur coming out!
“Oh, look! I've heard of those, they are called Nedlers. Let's take her home. Maybe we can sell it!” Neno told me.
“No, I would like to keep her. Her name will be Luna, it means 'moon', and it fits, because we found her on Neopia's moon!” I hugged her. She was soft. In a weird way, though. Like that Neo-Foam stuff that is in Plushie Tycoon. I asked, “Would you like to come home with me?”
She let out a soft “Meh!”, and fell asleep as I carried her home.

At home, for the first few weeks I had her, the other pets and their Petpets were scared of her, either because she was from space, or those three tentacles coming from her mouth. I wasn't, though.
I felt bad for Luna. She had no friends, and no one would hang out with me.
Until I met Journle.
Journle was a mutant Scorchio who had a Wuzzle named Emalf (Which is Flame spelled backwards, by the way). We quickly became best buddies!
People were afraid of Journle because she was a mutant, and Emalf because they thought he would burn them.
Now, everyone likes us! And Luna is happier than she's ever been! She has cleared the bad name for them!
Luna is famous; People everywhere love her! And she loves them back, too!

So, that is mine and Luna's story. Thank you for taking your time to hear it!

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