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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: MrSniffles
Owner: mellen48
Pet Name: Finnziie
Breed: Pink Snuffly

About MrSniffles:
The doorknob turned, and the front door to our Neohome eased open slowly, stealthily.

A pink Poogle's head appeared through the narrow opening; pink Poogle snout and nose entering the room just enough so that pink Poogle eyes could scan the room.

The antique couch? Empty.

The armchairs in front of the fireplace? Empty.

The petpet tunnel in the corner? Unoccupied.

Finnziie the pink Poogle let out a silent sigh of relief and tiptoed quickly across the room to the bedroom. "If I can only get to my dresser quickly enough..." she whispered to herself. But then the pink Poogle's luck ran out.

"Finnziie!!!" a horned ball of pale pink fur shot from underneath a chair in the bedroom and wrapped its arms in an enormous hug around the pink Poogle's legs. "I missed you! You've been gone shopping in Neopia Central FOREVER!!". The pink ball of chattering energy slowed enough that it was now recognizeable as Finnziie's petpet, Sniffles the pink Snuffly.

The petpet continued its jabber, oblivious to Finnziie's guilty expression, "... I mean how long could it POSSIBLY take? You always go just to purchase a few food items, buy a book or two, and stop in at the potion shop to see if this time there's anything good in stock, and, OH!"

Sniffles stopped abruptly in mid-sentence. The petpet had just noticed something. The something that Finnziie had been trying very hard to hide. On the pink Poogle's head there was a set of very green, very wearable, very not-petpet-matching Alien Aisha Ears.

"What. Are. Those?" The Snuffly crossed it small, clawed forepaws across its chest, and tapped its clawed foot on the floor; every diminutive pink inch radiating indignation.

As the abashed pink Poogle slowly drew in a breath to begin explaining, Sniffles recovered from the (rare) moment of speechlessness and launched into a tirade about how the PINK Poogle and her PINK petpet had been such a perfect matching pair; how they had been so proud together and that with THAT particular wearable item their whole wonderful colour scheme was now ruined.

Finnziie let out a sigh of releif. If matching was the pink peetpet's only concern; she had a solution for that. "It's OK, Sniffles; look what I also found: a pair of Aisha Ears, they say 'this great item was given away as part of the Neopets Limited Too promotion'. They're a normal item and I bought them just for you". She pulled the pair of Aisha Ears from her satchel, and indeed, they did look similar to the new wearable Alien Aisha Ears.

Sniffle's eyes widened, pink horns perking up with hope for a brief moment. Then the petpet looked crestfallen again.

"But... but..." Sniffles looked up Finnziie, those famously adorable Snuffly eyes wide and glistening with tears, "they're not wearable!"

The pink Poogle smiled down at her petpet. "Don't worry, Sniffles," she said sympathetically, "neither are you."

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