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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: JaardyPoo
Owner: i_are_teh_wifey
Pet Name: UltimateBJ
Breed: Bowla

About JaardyPoo:
This is my Bowla, JaardyPoo. He's my Maraquan Meerca's Petpet. They're best friends. I gave my Neopet JaardyPoo almost right away. They became friends instantly. Him and UltimateBJ have really bonded. They like to play tag in their giant fish-bowl together (Since they both live in water). I occasionally let them wander off together in Maraqua. They like to go on adventures.
One time, when UltimateBJ and Jaardypoo were swimming through Maraqua, they came upon a curious item, it was a beautiful green sea shell that has square-ish circles on it. But, as they approached this amazing shell, they noticed that it was slightly moving, which is uncommon for a shell to do on it's own. When they got right up beside it, and looked at it closely, they realized it was a Maraquan Shoyru that was sick with a Neopian disease, Doldrums, and was simply hiding in its shell. They tried to ask it what was wrong with it, but it wouldn't reply, it just hid inside it's shell in the darkness. Since Jaardypoo is a clever little Bowla, he instantly knew that the problem was Doldrums, and used charades (since he can't really talk, he'll sometimes say "Bloop! Bloop!", though) to tell UltimateBJ that they had to rush to Neopia Central to go to the pharmacy and get the cure, which is Mushroom Ointment. UltimateBJ was impressed by her smart little Bowla's knowledge of medicine. She smiled and patted her JaardyPoo on the head. They swam back to me and UltimateBJ told me we needed to go to the pharmacy for medicine because they had found a sick Neopet. I agreed to take them. At this time, though, money was very tight for the two pets, and they had been saving their money for a long time, to build up their sea shell collection, which they were very proud of. They had just obtained enough money to get themselves the Deep Sea Shell that they had wanted for some time now. When they arrived at the pharmacy they went up to the desk and asked how much the Mushroom Ointment would cost them, to their surprise it was going to cost them every Neopoint that they owned at the time, so it was a decision between the shell of their dreams, or helping out a sick Neopet in need. It didn't take long for JaardyPoo to decide to do the right thing and buy the medication for the sick pet. When they returned to the pet, and gave him the medicine, he was incredibly grateful, he began to feel well again! He started to swim loops and spin around happily, but when he looked at his saviors, he noticed a sad look on their faces. He then realized that the medicine that helped him must have been expensive. So he decided to give them a gift to thank them it was an item that was given to him by a friend a long time ago. He knew that he wanted to give it to these pets the helped him out, because he felt they deserved it. He handed them this beautifully decorated sea shell, which to their delight turned out to be the shell they had been saving up for! UltimateBJ and JaardyPoo were very very happy. Not only did they help a desperate Neopet in need, but they also gained the sea shell they were trying to get for their collection! So besides being really cute and adorable, JaardyPoo is also a good friend...he's actually just a good Petpet in general! I love my JaardyPoo just as much as UltimateBJ, my Meera, does.

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