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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Balthazar
Owner: axelthedude
Pet Name: Morgan_McNight
Breed: Yellow Bilguss

About Balthazar:
Wanted - Minion. Must be willing to go dangerous places and do dangerous things. Work involves running errands and general assistance. Room and meals included. Slight experimentation may occour.

That was what the wanted ad in the Neopian Times had said. I, Balthazar, a young Bazatlan, trying to make it in the world. Just leaving the roost and ready to find a job. This one seemed more promising than any of the other positions available for petpets. Petpets are used by the truckload in games, being herded, beaten or EATEN. Not a career for me.

So I went to the address on the ad and knocked on the door. A dark and rather spooky Korbat girl answered, dressed all in black.

"Yes?" She inquired, one eyebrow raised.

"Ahem," I cleared my throught, determined not to be intimidated, "I'm answering the 'Minion Wanted' ad from the Neopian Times."

The Korbat's face lit up like a light. A SCARY light. "Excellent." That was all she said before beckoning me inside.

Her name was Morgan and she shared the house with three other pets, two Lupes and an Ixi. They seemed normal enough, the rest of the house was normal enough except for her room. It was dark and spooky, coffins, bones, spiders. A huge cauldron bubbled in one corner.

Morgan dabbled in majic and sent me out to fetch various potions. She did not tell me what they were for, she did not tell me what the potions did. She merely labled them in a language I could not read and put them on the shelves that lined her walls.

She did not trust me to fetch all her ingredients. Sometimes she would be gone for days on end, leaving me to guard her room and potions. The ingredients she returned with looked like shrivelled weeds to me, but they were important to Morgan.

She was weird and her room was creepy, but she talked to me and made sure I was well fed and looked after. There was a petpet room upstairs and I could hang out with the other petpets of the house, my own kind, more or less. Morgan turned out to be a nice girl, in fact, we've become friends. She still doesn't tell me what her potions do, but that's all right.

There is one minor flaw to all this though. The petpet lab ray. She came home with map pieces today; a set for her, a set for me. She's now a Cybunny. I am a Bilguss. For the time being at least. As soon as I stop being her minion, I will change back. But I like it here with her, so hopefully the ray will change me back instead.

Ever since I answered that ad, I have been her assistant, scrubbing, cleaning, passing potion ingredients, fetching items, and spending more nights in a graveyard than I'd like. But it's a job and it's better than Feeding Florg!

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