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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: MisterJolly
Owner: bzcryptic
Pet Name: Tordraikon
Breed: Christmas Meepit

About MisterJolly:

Oh boy, Christmas time again... I wonder what my owner will get me this time around. Last year.. heh, who could forget last year.. he got Mr. Jolly for me. Now.. I don't know if ALL Meepits are like Mr. Jolly, but he just DOESN'T seem right! All he does is stare at me with those two, giant eyes. Thankfully, the Christmas hat covers most of them.
If I look at him for too long, I get the feeling that he's peering into my mind, and seeing just how afraid I am of him. He never talks, hardly moves, and i've not once seen him asleep. Sometimes, I can tell he's disgruntled about one thing or another, because he'll make this strange sound. Something like "meep".. All it does is frighten me more, especially in the middle of the night, when I hear him meeping around my room, when I could have SWORN I locked the door.
Since my owner is still in human-school, me and Mr. Jolly spend alot of time at home...alone. Some time last week, a few friends and I were out playing tricks on Count von Roo. Needless to say, we were late getting in, because we all wanted to surprise our owners with a new level or two. I walked up to the door of our Neo-home, and heard feet scurrying across the hard-wood floor. By the time I had gotten my key out and opened the door, Mr. Jolly was in a corner of the kitchen, out of breath, and furiously meeping. I didn't think much of it, because of how odd I already found him to be, untill I climbed into my bed, where the sheets had been torn, and the pillows helter-skelter. It wasn't like I could question him about it, though.. he doesn't talk, just writes in that creepy journal, with the big eyes..
Who knows, maybe it will get better, or maybe I just don't understand the little fella...


-Tordraikon makes a nervous glance at Mr. Jolly and scurries out of the room-

Mr. Jolly:

*sigh* I really wish someone would understand me a little better. It seems the only person I can talk to is you, Journal. I try so hard to make Tor happy, but for some reason he's scared of me..*meep*.
The scenario a few days ago didn't help matters one bit. I tried to let Tor know how much I care about him, by leaving a note under his pillow. It took me a while to write it, and by the time I went to deliver it, I could here him approaching the door. I panicked and lost my balance on the bed. I desperately grabbed at his pillow, which fell with me. I knew I had seconds to grab the note, before he found it and thought less of me, and in my haste ripped his sheet *meep*. Now I know he hates me. "MEEEEEP".

-Mr. Jolly closes his journal, and casually takes the key to Tordraikons room out from under the rug. He hangs his head as he walks into the room, and can't help but meeping at the sight of Tor "sleeping". After awhile, Tordraikon drifts to sleep and Mr. Jolly crawls under his bed to end another lonely Christmas Eve.-

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