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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Dennis
Owner: hellojuicebox
Pet Name: devotional
Breed: Plushie Slorg

About Dennis:
Dennis didn't always have a name.. We just called him "noname" and kept it as that. Back then he was just a plain green slorg too.. slime and all. And it was apparent that he wasn't the best match for devotional either. After all, Miss Priss always needed the best. She hated dirt, grime, and worst of all, slime. She often complained of the slime trails all around her room. I soon regretted buying her this poor, unwanted petpet.

However one morning I noticed an unexpected change. Devotional was with noname, playing in her room. Or somewhat playing.. He was sliding around, with devotional folling closely behind with a towel, wiping up the mess. But they were laughing and having a blast. And best of all, devotional's complaining seemed to become less frequent and she no longer seemed to care about the giant slime ball slowly eating away at her pink bed. I never knew what changed, until now.

One stormy night, devotional had a horrible nightmare. Her dear noname petpet became lost. She just took her eyes off of him for 5 seconds and BAM! He disappeared. At first she didn't mind -- finally some peace from constantly cleaning up after him. No more annoying slime trails, no more unwanted noise, and no more petpet toys strewn all around. She finally had some time to herself, no longer with the responsibility of a little slorg. But the fun soon became, well not-so-fun. Devotional became lonely; Bored. She didn't have anything to do, since her room was finally spotless. She didn't have the little firecracker constantly making her giggle, even when she didn't want to. For the first time since the little guy came into her life, she had nothing. (Well, except for her siblings, but they had their own petpets to look after)

Well, devotional began to worry. Where had he gone? Did some other lucky pet find him and call him their own? Or was he scared, cold, and hungry, living on the mean streets of Neopia Central? She immediately wanted to look everywhere while calling his name... Until she realized he had no name. He would be forever lost.

Or, until noname slimed on her head, waking her up in a cold sweat. She was never any happier. It was all a dream - a cruel dream. But she was thankful; It made her finally appreciate ol' noname. And she came up with a name right then and there; Dennis. Somehow she thought it suited him. Wacky, yet not overly-wacky. Fun, yet not overly-annoying. Loving and smart. Dennis.

However, there was still a small problem. No matter how hard devotional tried, she still couldn't help but to hate slime. She'd hated slime all her life; how could she just suddenly love slime all of a sudden? She was torn. Until, of course, a random event solved everyone's problems. "Something has happened! You find a Plushie Petpet Paint Brush on the floor!" Well, I'm sure you know what happened next. :)

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