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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Java
Owner: evanya_the_adequate
Pet Name: Maringala
Breed: Juma

About Java:
I had no idea that on the day we bought a juma, we would be starting a tradition.

Granted, he was an amazingly cute, spunky little nipper--I'd always wanted a juma, and when Evanya, my owner and the Tea Lady of the Shenkuu Tea House, told me a friend of ours had one up for trade, we had to go look. It really wasn't a hard decision; he was alert, friendly, and my piratey heart melted at the sound of his very first inquisitive greeting: "Yerf?" To top it all off, as soon as I picked him up in my large, grey paws, he started batting at my one gold earring. Clearly, a teashop swashbuckler in the making.

We took him home--that is, the tea house--immediately, and introduced him to all the staff and regular customers as the new Shenkuu Tea House mascot: Java the Juma! Brave and playful like most of his species, he immediately started exploring, picking out a bed in the petpet playroom, investigating the kitchens, and, of course, making new friends with all of the tea house folk. His red form became one of the most common sights of the Tea House, either darting around the main tea room or curled up in a small ball next to his favorite friend of the moment. Java became so popular that several menu items were inspired by him--Java Jive, a cinnamon and pumpkin coffee with clove and other spices, and Java's Scones, made with pumpkin and bright red currants. But he was the only juma in the tea house, at least until one fateful day.

Funaaba, one of Evanya's friends, came in and addressed Java. "I have someone to meet you!" She set another wriggling, perky juma on the ground in front of him and grinned.
"Her name's Firva."
The two stared at each other, frozen. They approached, touching noses and sniffing furiously. Java eventually broke the silence.
"Yerf?" he questioned. There was a pause, and more sniffing.
"Yarf!" came the response.
And with that, the friendship was on--the two tackled each other and began playing, and I'm not quite sure they've stopped since. After that, it was pretty swift work for the staff and friends to adopt the rest of Java's family--Jive, his brother, and Ginger, his rascally cousin. Now the pack roams the tea house, playing with each other, and with the petpets of staff and customers alike. They regularly band up with Kadilly, their kepru friend, in chasing around Vika the tomamu, and Ginger is almost always getting into some kind of trouble; just the other day, she got into the kitchen and ate an entire batch of ginger scones! I guess she thought it would be okay because they were named after her, but she had quite the stomach ache for a while. On the other hand, that's the quietest I've ever seen her; she just lay on her back in the middle of the floor and made rumbling sounds when people went to pet her.

The Tea House wouldn't be the same without any of them, but it all started with one juma mascot: my Java.

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