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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: PetitPom
Owner: greenladysoap
Pet Name: suzieq_7
Breed: Plushie Hasee

About PetitPom:
PetitPom was just ordinary purple Hasee, playing around all day and hunting those yummy rainbow doughnutfruits. She and SuzieQ_7 grew up together, and boy, how many fun memories they had! Climbing the trees, throwing fish doughnutfruits into each other, swimming, splashing and running on the beach at their home in Mystery Island…
But time flew, and when came week of change. SuzieQ was starting on her journey as traveling historian, and today was her petpet’s, PetitPom’s Birthday.
SuzieQ knew exactly which gift to give her… She walked into her room, where PetitPom was opening the gifts – room was filled already with petpet treats, toy tunnels and wind-up petpetpets. “I have something special for you” she said. PetitPom stirred impatiently on her bean bag – “What is it, what is it?”
SuzieQ pulled out the wooden box, covered with intricate patterns. She gently moved her wing along box edge… “This box has been in our family for generations, always given by owner to their petpet when time is right…” she said. “Now that you have grown up and will be traveling around Neopia with me, you can select any color paint brush for yourself”.
PetitPom jumped with joy, bouncing around the room with paint brush box. “I can choose any Petpet Paint brush? For me? Wow!”
“Choose wisely”, SuzieQ said, “I don’t think I can travel with aquarium for maraquan petpet”. She laughed and walked out of the room.
PetiPom opened the box with trembling paws, and looked through all petpet paintbrushes…She picked up the pirate one, and thrust it into the air like rapier, and waved her imaginary pirate hat. “I can be a Pirate and fight! Arrrr!”
“No, too much trouble carrying rapier and hat around…” she thought, and put it down…
“I need something that easy to travel with… Hmmmm…”
Little Hasee sat down with serious expression on her face.
“May be Sketch? I can travel in SuzieQ notebook… But I will not see much… It will be easy to travel, but so boring…” She moved sketch petpet paint brush aside and picked snow. “Brrrr… too cold for me, and if I melt in SuzieQ backpack I will ruin her sketchbook and supplies” – she talked aloud. “Mutant? Darigan? Tyrannian? No, too scary! We are going to meet a lot of friendly Neopians, and I don’t want them to run away!”
“And not Faerie either, too prissy missy for me!”
She picked up maraquan petpet paint brush and put it back into the box, laughing: “That would be just silly!”
And all of a sudden she saw it. The only one for her. The perfect paint brush.
“I will be lightweight, so SuzieQ will not tire carrying me on her travel journeys; I will be soft so she can rest with me on cold nights in the mountains; and I will be cute and cuddly to remind her of Home…”
She took the paint brush and run to SuzieQ, happier than ever…
“Plushie! I want to be a Plushie Hasee!” she said.
SuzieQ smiled, picked her up and hugged her forever Plushie Hasee, the perfect travel companion.

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