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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: snarfnoodle
Owner: yellowsugardog
Pet Name: Kadcam
Breed: Robot Meepit

About snarfnoodle:
Just to let you know, my name is not really snarfnoodle. I promise you. It's my secret identity. I normally have a far more sinister and threatening name. My owner just ordered that I keep my identity secret for this spotlight. Having a secret identity keeps up the tough robot look, she says.

Now that I've introduced myself, I will trust you and only you to know my occupation. I am a full time egg caretaker. Although it may sound like I am a hen, I assure you that is not what I mean. My owner, to put things simply, is lacking many things you take for granted.

Ever thought of how life would be without arms? Feet? A face? A nose?

Well, Kadoaties already live lives without noses. But apart from them, I doubt you've ever wondered.

I don't know how my owner does it, but somehow she still yells at me through an egg shell.

My owner is a Baby Pteri. Many people have asked me how my owner got this way. Simple. My owner's owner is an idiot, and clearly thought that painting her with a baby paint brush would be amusing. I think not.

She also thought it'd be funny to paint me robot. It's more difficult for me to move, and people stare at the 'diabolical robotic Meepit' whenever I go somewhere. Someone should thwap my owner's owner with a wet fish just to teach her the real meaning of 'funny'.

Some people make fun of eggs and robots, saying that Baby Pteris are the equivalent of omelettes and robots are dumb. You know who you are. But really, we're more then that. Eggs aren't free in Tyrannia daily, and they order you to help them with stuff. Have you ever been ordered to do an eggs homework? Yeah, I don't think omelettes have homework, otherwise they'd just say that their owner ate them along with it. (And as far as robots go, I do my owners homework for her. You can't call me stupid.) Have you ever been to a Tyrannian concert with an egg? Sneaking in with an omelette would have received less stares.

All this work for my owner makes my metal rust.

Despite my owner's constant needs, however, one still has to love her though.

While my owner has no arms, that also means she has no way of stopping me when I decide to push her off a hill and jump on for a dizzying ride. Forget Cheeseroller. Eggroller, anyone? And despite the horror you probably thought when you read this, she actually enjoys it as well.

Her drama club shows are fun to attend. She usually gets mistaken for a blue draik egg while she's on stage, and then we have to make a run from those hungry and nose-less Kadoaties mentioned above. Running is difficult for a robot Meepit, and a foot-less baby.

Although she may be much different (and less edible) then an omelette, I wouldn't trade her for a million omelettes.

Truth is, I love her. She is my accomplice. I am her minion. She teases me just as much as I’ve teased her. And despite her disabilities and wacky appearance, I have come to the conclusion that I wouldn't choose any other owner in the world.

I'm a robot. She's an egg. Yet somehow I've learned that no two creatures work better together.

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