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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Sovereignty
Owner: proagain
Pet Name: Sovereigm
Breed: Pirate Buzzer

About Sovereignty:
Sovereignty slowly paced up and down the ship, carefully observing the scoured decks of The Mighty Grog. The crew, which consisted of petpets, stood perfectly align and very tense. He paused for a second then he turned to face his uncouth crew.
“Need I remind you all once more that we are pirates?” he bellowed.
The crew lowered their head in shame and patiently waited for him to continue.
“We prowl the seas committing acts of piracy.” he continued. “We do not nip down to the NC Mall and BUY clothing!”
Sparkling dresses and fluttering faerie dolls dropped to the deck.
“I mean, what are we going to do with this, eh? Fire a pretty dress or two at our enemies?”
“YARR!..uh...I” exclaimed one of them.
Another crew member giggled, but soon found himself overboard.

Darkness gripped Neopia, the seas became rough and the air was chilly. The crew, including Sovereignty, shivered in complete silence. A light glimmered in the distance, shortly before disappearing with a loud bang.
“What was that?” gasped someone hiding under a sheet. The rest were too cold to even care. A large black ship became visible in the distance; it was heading towards Sovereignty and his crew. Sovereignty darted down to the lower deck, leaving his crew to face whatever dwelled on the other ship. A few minutes passed and the ship came to a halt beside The Mighty Grog and a large Bori beckoned one of the Grog’s crew members.
“Where can I find Mr. Sovereignty?” he asked politely.
“Uhhh...I dunno, he ran...he went somewhere?”
“Find him. Tell him that his delivery has arrived.” demanded the Bori.
Sovereignty emerged from the lower deck and swiftly made his way towards the Bori.
“Er, yes I’m here. Throw the package over will you? Thanks.” he said gingerly.
“What you got there then, Cap’n?” asked one of the crew.
“NEVER YOU MIND!!” he snapped.
The Bori threw the package at Sovereignty and smiled.
“That will be 36,800 Neopoints, please.” asked the Bori. “An extra 1,800 Neopoints was added to the total because the dress was larger than we had expected.” he added.
Sovereignty blushed and threw a sack of Neopoints over to the Bori then turned to face his crew.
“It’s for my...owner.” he snapped. “He is really a she, you know?”
A flash, followed by a loud bang, surprised them as the other ship began to set sail. Sovereignty continued to blush and stared at the package. Within a few seconds, daylight befell and the crew stood in silence for a moment, totally confused. Someone had turned the bathroom light on.

Sovereigm leaned over the bath tub and peered at all the little petpets playing on the tiny Wooden Pirate Ship.
“Awe, aren’t you all adorable?” he smiled.
“Sovereignty gazed up at Sovereigm and held out a tiny sparkling dress.
“This is for you.”
“Why thank you. I hope it didn’t cost much.” said Sovereigm.
“Not really...Only...36,800 Neopoints.” replied Sovereignty.
“WHAT!? How do you get this stuff on a bathtub?”

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