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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Annie
Owner: x_helix
Pet Name: Celephius
Breed: Plushie Angelpuss

About Annie:
Celephius the Tyrannian lupe sat on his boat between his two sisters, Amyrna and Halifia, and his owner, Adaline. He was trying to remain appropriately stoic and fierce-looking, as his barbaris appearance dictated he ought to, but he was very excited; today was the day the family was traveling to Neopia so he could pick out his very own petpet. To pass the time, he thumbed through a big book of petpet species. Halifia, a pretty brown zafara, fiddled with her pink purse and looked over his shoulder with interest.
“What kind are you going to get?” She asked.
“I don’t know…maybe a big, mean Grobrin.” He said, pointing to a picture of the fanged petpet. Halifia wrinkled her nose.

“Ew, it’s so ugly. You should get a Faellie or a Feloreena instead.” She suggested, admiring illustrations of the fluffy, sweet-looking petpets. Celephius rolled his eyes, clearly not interested in such girly species. Amyrna, a shadow xweetok, glanced over briefly. Her own petpet, a fat little warf, was curled up on her lap.
“How about a Gruslen? It has fangs, like you.” She spoke up. Celephius thought for a minute, then shook his shaggy head.
“No way. Drackonacks are much better.”
“Oh, what do you know about Drackonacks anyway?” Halifia pouted, obviously put off they wouldn’t be coming home with a cuddly Ona.

“I know they love to eat snooty little zafaras!” Celephius teased, snapping his toothy jaws at her. Halifia shrieked and scrambled over Adaline to escape from her brother.
“Calm down guys, we’re here.” Adaline said, scooping Halifia up and carrying her onto the shore. Celephius was about to defend himself, but he quickly spotted mushroom shaped petpet store in the distance among the other shops, and hurried ahead of his family to reach it.
Once inside, he was almost overwhelmed. He saw glass cases with cobralls sleeping on branches, big tanks filled with unioctos and nurannas splashing merrily, wire cages of tigermice running about, beekadoodles flitting from perch to perch. He hardly noticed Adaline and his sisters enter the store as he browsed excitedly, stopping to look at some Noils wrestling, and then a litter of baby Kadoaties. Sadly, he didn’t see and Drackonacks or Grobrins, however, the yellow-eyed Tennas looked fairly promising. Or perhaps a flaming Wuzzle would be more suitable…
Suddenly, Celephius found himself staring into a pair of black button eyes. He felt a peculiar spark of affection; then he realized those eyes belonged to a very adorable, very cuddly baby Plushie Angelpuss. Glancing around to make sure no one was watching, the brutish-looking lupe stepped forward and peeked over the top of the Angelpuss’s cage. She looked up at him, giving a sweet little mew, then reached her stubby arms up for him. His heart melted. The big lupe floundered for a moment, at a loss. Then, as smoothly as he could, he sidled over the Adaline and nudged her. His owner looked over at him, holding a buzzer to her chest, and raised her eyebrows.

“Did you pick one?” She asked. Celephius nodded, beckoned her down to his level, then, in whispers, related his conundrum to her. An amused look crossed Adaline’s face, and she thought for a moment. She marched Celephius over to the Angelpuss’s cage and scooped the kitten up.

“Well, you took too long, Celephius, so I’m picking this one for you!” She announced, loudly enough to get Amyrna’s and Halifia’s attention. Celephius made a show of throwing himself at her feet.

“No! I want a Tenna! Please! Not an Angelpuss, anything but the Angelpuss! She’s too cute!”
“Nope! It’s too late, you get an Angelpuss. We’ll take her, please, and a litter box and some toys, thank you.” Adaline addressed the Usul shopkeeper, fishing out a handful of neopoints.
Minutes later, the group had boarded the boat again. Amyrna and Halifia were both giving Celephius looks of pity, but they didn’t dare make fun of him, because they knew it hadn’t been his choice to be saddled with such a darling petpet.
Celephius put on a brave face, pretending to take the insult maturely. When he was sure no one was looking, he bent down and cuddled the Angelpuss close to his face.
“Annie,” He whispered her name for the first time, and gave her a tender kiss on the head.

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