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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Petalstar
Owner: demissie
Pet Name: sheldonjplankton
Breed: Pink Kadoatie

About Petalstar:
Hello I am Petalstar petpet of sheldonjplankton. I am a pink Kadoatie but I used to be a Tenna.
I have been sheldonjplankton's petpet for a long time and have been zapped too many times to count.

I've gained and lost levels, turned to soot, and changed species many times.
I have heard that petpets can disappear when zapped by the ray, maybe that's why sheldonjplankton will never talk about his previous petpet, and why there is a Crocalu kept in demissie's inventory.

Luckily for me demissie hasn't been zapping me lately so I might stay a pink Kadoatie.
Changing so much has left me a little unstable though, sometimes I don't even know what I am. Wait, what am I right now am I still a Kadoatie?
Yes I think so, or am I?
DON'T LIE TO ME!!!!!!!! 0.o Sorry about that. Well I'm hoping that I don't get zapped again, and get some of those weird names. Don't eat the Pink Kadoatie haha very funny TNT!

I hate being soot because it's annoying whenever my owner sweeps me across the floor. I think it's cool when I gain levels but when I go to fight in the petpet battles the other petpets are much stronger than when I fought them before so it's hard to beat them. But at least I don't have to play Snowbeast Snackrifice or Feed Florg (even though you can get an avatar).

I think demissie just bought me before because I was a cheap petpet. But now I'm worth so much! It's a good thing that when you remove a petpet from it's owner after it's been zapped it will revert or demissie might have sold me.

I remember when I used to be a Tenna. I always looked sad even when I was happy. I had a lot of brothers and sisters and now I surprised them by going over to them as a Kadoatie and showing how fabulous I look now. They were of course jealous of me even though they didn't say anything I knew that's what they were thinking.

sheldonjplankton, my owner, was getting zapped a lot but then demissie stopped because she liked how sheldonjplankton looked. Now jormundbroodladragon and his petpet are the ones getting zapped! I hope it stays that way.

I wonder what happens to all of the petpets who disappear when they get zapped. Maybe they get to go back to the original stores they came from. I bet all the Kadoaties go to the The Kadoatery where they can be fed!

I'm glad to be a Kadoatie because they are the best petpets in Neopia! They even have a special place for them The Kadoatery where neopians spend so many neopoints just to keep the Kadoaties happy. We are even in so many caption contests. Well I have to go now but go ahead and neomail my owner's owner if you want.

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